Coast and sea

Maximum versatility in coastal and marine modelling

Human activities at sea are growing and becoming ever more complex in sectors such as transport, energy and aquaculture. With increasing demands for coastal resources, advanced expertise and technologies are necessary to analyse these complex challenges and find optimal solutions.

Our numerical modelling software embeds DHI’s industry leading expertise and provides maximum versatility and quality in coastal and marine modelling. Our technologies help clients develop efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions.

Our marine software products

The marine software products are used for simulation of an almost endless range of flow phenomena, waves, sediment dynamics, dispersion phenomena and ecological systems.

The two main products are MIKE 21 for 2D modelling and MIKE 3 for 3D modelling. Both products have an ample range of application possibilities, but are typically used for coastal engineering studies and studies related to harbours or similar structures. They are also frequently applied in many types of coastal environmental studies, for example within dispersion, oil spill, eutrophication and modelling of living organisms. LITPACK is a specialised tool for studying littoral processes on open coasts.

2D modelling of coast and sea

3D modelling of coast and sea

Littoral processes and coastline kinetics

Model bathymetries made fast and easy

Ecological modelling made simple

Agent based modelling

Urban, coastal and riverine flooding

MIKE Animator Plus
Animated presentations of model results

GlobalSEA Oil Spill
Get easy and accurate forecast of oil spill globally

Our marine software products may also be included as part of a tailored solution, for instance for information management, early warning and forecast systems, or operational control systems. Integration with our products for data management, decision support and operational forecasting provides endless options for custom-made IT solutions that match your projects and your needs.

On the product pages, you can learn more about our unmatched products for marine simulations and about typical applications undertaken by numerous professionals in the marine and coastal sector.