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Ecological modelling made simple

With MIKE ECO Lab you get a complete numerical laboratory for water quality and ecological modelling. You can develop exactly the model you need and describe the processes you wish. No ecological problem is too simple or too complicated for MIKE ECO Lab and there is no time-consuming programming involved.

With MIKE ECO Lab you simply define the process using standard templates as a basis. It enables you to transform any aquatic ecosystem into a reliable numerical model for accurate predictions.


  • It combines the best of two worlds - you get access to our well-proven and widely used standard water quality models and you get complete freedom to include your own know-how or research ideas and test them against your field data.
  • MIKE ECO Lab models work across the range of 1D, 2D and 3D MIKE modelling packages - as will your own templates.
  • You can focus on the processes and forget about programming.
  • You can exchange ideas and models with colleagues around the world. Simply send them a copy of your templates.
  • As MIKE ECO Lab contains a generic equation solver, it can also be used for generic postprocessing of hydrodynamic results, for example, in calculating flood risk indices or scour risk formula.


MIKE ECO Lab is the ideal software for

  • water quality and ecological studies related to subsurface and groundwater, rivers, wetlands, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, coastal waters and the sea
  • spatial predictions of any ecosystem response
  • simple and complex water quality studies
  • impact and remediation studies
  • planning and permitting studies
  • water quality forecasts

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Environmental Engineering

Model any aquatic ecosystem or environmental scenario – whether at the coast or at sea.

What’s in the package?

  • Marine PP
  • HD (MIKE 21/3)
  • TR/AD (MIKE 21/3)
  • MIKE ECO Lab (MIKE 21/3)
  • MIKE 3 Underwater Acoustic Simulator
  • + one module of choice from MIKE 21 or MIKE 3

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