MIKE Data Link

Automate the most time consuming steps in model creation

MIKE Data Link is a new cloud application that helps maritime and coastal modellers improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability through the power of automation.

Why use MIKE Data Link?

Maritime and coastal projects require huge amounts of data. It’s common for engineers to collect, process, and quality-check this data ‘by-hand’, but this takes a lot of time.

That’s why we created MIKE Data Link. This simple but unique cloud application helps users build high quality models faster. It automates the most time-consuming processes and provides quick and easy online access to global MetOcean hindcast data.

Save time collecting data

Only MIKE Data Link will collect critical Metocean and Meteorological datasets including HYCOM GLBy, NOAA CFSv2, Copernicus, ERA5 and DTU 10 Tide for you.

Create 3D models faster

Avoid the time consuming creation of boundary conditions, initial conditions and forcings for your MIKE models. MIKE Data Link also automates all necessary pre-processing operations.

Core features

Improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability across your projects with easy access to diverse datasets, fast processing and full MIKE 21/3 model support.

Extensive model support

Rely on the power of MIKE Data Link for all your MIKE 21 Flow Model FM, MIKE 3 Flow Model FM and MIKE 21 Spectral Waves FM models.

Standard data

Enjoy easy access to HYCOM GLBy, NOAA CFSv2, Copernicus, ERA5, and DTU 10 Tide data.

Fast processing

Experience peak performance with MIKE Data Link’s optimised and parallelised extraction process.

Special data

Those with a MIKE Data Link Premium Subscription can also access DHI Global Wave Model 2022

Data operations

Take advantage of a new option which considers a constant Sea Level Adjustment (SLA) value (for example, HYCOM to MSL correction).

Diverse output

From water levels and current velocities to temperature and salinity - MIKE Data Link has you covered.

Quick tour

Watch how easy it is to upload a mesh, set up your model, extract and store data.

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Pricing & access

Ready to start building high-quality maritime and coastal models faster? Contact our sales team to request a MIKE Data Link account today.

MIKE Data Link

950 month/per company*
  • Standard datasets
    (e.g., HYCOM & Copernicus)
  • Special datasets
    (e.g., DHI's Global Wave Model)
  • Download delivery

MIKE Data Link

475 month/per university*
  • Standard datasets
    (e.g., HYCOM & Copernicus)
  • Special datasets
    (e.g., DHI's Global Wave Model)
  • Download delivery

Also available on a monthly basis (undiscounted) with a 2-month minimum initial period.

Once your account is setup, it’s easy to connect MIKE Data Link with your MIKE 21 Flow Model FM (MIKE 21), MIKE 3 Flow Model FM (MIKE 3), and MIKE 21 Spectral Waves FM (MIKE 21 SW) models. See here

Still not sure if MIKE Data Link is right for you? Watch this recorded webinar

Contact sales

We’re here to answer questions, set up your MIKE Data Link account and further discuss how you can benefit from this powerful data automation tool.

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