Agent based modelling

ABM Lab offers unique integration of agent based modelling with classical water quality and hydrodynamic modelling. It is possible to address questions beyond the scope of more traditional water quality and ecological models. ABM Lab is a flexible numerical laboratory used to define agents, their behaviour and states.

ABM Lab integrates with our classic hydrodynamic models in two and three dimensions - MIKE 21 and MIKE 3. The Lagrangian ABM Lab can work with the hydrodynamics alone, or it can be combined with the Eulerian MIKE ECO Lab in order to make the agents react to water quality parameters.


  • Combined with the hydrodynamic MIKE models and MIKE ECO Lab, ABM Lab is unique for undertaking agent based modelling.
  • It is possible to establish a user-friendly tool that makes it feasible to apply this type of technique in the context of real engineering projects.
  • It enables modelling of complicated behaviours in the aquatic environment, such as horizontal and vertical movements, migration, swarming, foraging, breeding, growth and much more.


ABM Lab is the ideal software for:

  • numerical modelling of the impacts of dredging plumes on coral spawning and recruitment
  • modelling eelgrass succession patterns and determining the recolonisation of eelgrass
  • modelling the migration of salmonide fish larvae through different wetland construction designs
  • modelling of bull shark migration patterns in a semi-enclosed ecosystem

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  • Marine PP
  • HD (MIKE 21/3)
  • TR/AD (MIKE 21/3)
  • MIKE ECO Lab (MIKE 21/3)
  • MIKE 3 Underwater Acoustic Simulator
  • + one module of choice from MIKE 21 or MIKE 3

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