MIKE Metocean Simulator

Quickly assess wave conditions. No matter your level of expertise.

MIKE Metocean Simulator is a cloud-based wave modelling tool that empowers offshore energy and marine infrastructure professionals of all abilities to quickly assess wave conditions in both nearshore and offshore environments.

Why choose MIKE Metocean Simulator?

High-resolution wave data is essential for early project development, including site selection and feasibility studies. However, traditional methods for acquiring such data are slow, expensive, and require specialised expertise which can lead to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and costly overestimations.

MIKE Metocean Simulator revolutionises wave modelling, striking a perfect balance between speed and precision. This cloud-based solution leverages cutting-edge statistical techniques, allowing for rapid wave condition assessments both nearshore and offshore. By integrating selected global datasets from DHI’s MetOcean On-Demand (MOOD) Portal, it eliminates the need for laborious data processing. This not only saves valuable time and resources but also empowers users to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Run faster simulations than traditional modelling
with assisted meshing, advanced statistical techniques, easy data access, and cloud computing

Enhance RFP responsiveness and boost profitability
as even non-specialists can simulate wave heights within just a few hours

Make immediate, informed decisions
and transition from basic to advanced modelling using an intuitive interface

Streamline data processing
by integrating selected global datasets from DHI's MetOcean On-Demand (MOOD) Portal

Leverage the cloud
to reduce hardware costs and enhance data quality in the early stages of your projects

Core features

MIKE Metocean Simulator is fast, easy, flexible, and integrates with Metocean On-Demand.

Flexible input data options

Whether you want to upload your own data or access information from DHI sources, MIKE Metocean Simulator provides the flexibility you need.

Metocean On-Demand (MOOD)

Seamlessly push data to the MOOD portal for map-based visualisation and data sharing while gaining access to powerful analytics.

Simple setup

Begin using the software effortlessly with a user-friendly setup and access high-quality MIKE 21 Spectral Wave templates.


MIKE Metocean Simulator's cloud-based platform supports collaborative efforts while streamlining the management of project data.

Data validation in MOOD

Enhance data quality control by generating validation plots, including rose plots, scatter plots, and time series plots for selected data points.

Assisted meshing

Generate a semi-automatic mesh instantly or upload custom meshes, including those created with MIKE Mesh Builder.

MIKE Metocean Simulator supports your work in these areas

Offshore Energy

Quickly generate wave conditions to evaluate crucial engineering aspects and inform site selection and feasibility decisions.

Marine Infrastructure

Efficiently model climate change scenarios for nearshore infrastructure, including early data, feasibility studies, wave conditions, breakwater design, terminals, and site selection.


Evaluate wave conditions for safety, conduct preliminary extreme condition analyses for insurance purposes, and estimate the operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of dredging operations.

Pricing & access

Experience the power of MIKE Metocean Simulator with our cost-effective subscription plan. The all-encompassing Wave Simulator package includes a suite of fully integrated, intuitive modelling tools and applications designed to streamline wave generation in nearshore and offshore environments.

Subscribe today and elevate your wave modelling experience!

* Short-term subscriptions also available with a two-month minimum

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