River Networks

Reinvent the way you model rivers

Analyse river flows, assess hydrological changes, and estimate pollution transport to mitigate disasters and improve water quality.

Robust river modelling capabilities

Investigate river hydraulics, water quality and floods while forecasting extreme events and assessing catchment changes in one versatile modelling platform.

Run dynamic river network models and share results

Simulate the flow of natural rivers, channels and canals with the MIKE 1D Rivers module. Easily define cross sections, river branches and bed roughness, then model your weirs and culverts to get the complete picture of your waterways.

It’s the only tool you’ll need for:

  • River engineering and flood control
  • Water resource and watershed management
  • Wetland management and restoration

Rapidly simulate river-related issues

Couple our 2D Overland module with the MIKE1D Rivers module to analyse complex flooding issues such as:

  • Transport problems due to improper vegetation maintenance
  • Limited upstream flood storage capacity
  • Crossing infrastructure that reduces flow capacity in rivers and floodplains
  • Flood risks, levee breach failures and climate change

Connect collection systems and calculate catchment runoff

Efficiently model the relationships between rivers and your collection systems on one integrated geometric network. Seamlessly connect your rivers and pipe networks too. And if you combine MIKE1D Rivers’ capabilities with our Rainfall Runoff module, you can represent hydrological inflows from catchments.

Dynamically couple your river network with a 3D surface flow model

Accurately representing the stratification and flow patterns arising from rivers discharging into the sea is crucial to analyse pollution dispersion, sedimentation and vertical mixing. Modelling the complex dispersion of pollutant from rivers into the sea, estuaries or stratified lakes has never been easier.

Using MIKE 3 FM with MIKE+, you can dynamically couple your river model with 3D surface flow calculations to:

  • Accurately represent river flow into stratified water bodies
  • Improve your sediment transport simulation in estuaries
  • Model the propagation of pollutants in coastal environments

Endless applications with


Urban - River - Flooding

The integrated water modelling platform

Powerful alone. Better together.

MIKE+ offers a full suite of integrated software solutions for water systems with a flexible and scalable model manager layer at its core. The MIKE+ platform allows you to plug and play with different modules to customise water management solutions. They’re powerful alone – but even better when used together.
Plus, some modules are transversal, so you can use them across your collection systems, rivers and flooding challenges. That’s the power of an integrated water modelling platform.


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