Groundwater and porous media

Groundwater and porous media modelling

Groundwater accounts for one-third of the world’s freshwater resources. Managing its quality and quantity is a major factor in most mining operations and is crucial for the global production of drinking water, food and energy.

Our software embeds DHI’s industry leading expertise and enables our clients to solve the most complex groundwater challenges. Whether the question at hand involves groundwater flow, groundwater age, contaminant or heat transport processes – we provide you with the appropriate numerical modelling solution.

Our groundwater and porous media software product

Our groundwater software, FEFLOW, is used to simulate all types of 2D or 3D flow and related transport processes in the subsurface and in porous media – on scales from millimetres to hundreds of kilometres.

It enables you to model a multitude of different applications involving fluid flow, groundwater age, contaminant and heat transport processes. Groundwater management, remediation, geothermal energy, mine water management, saltwater intrusion and industrial porous media are only some of the applications for which FEFLOW excels.

All-in-one groundwater modelling solution

FEFLOW also links with our water resources product MIKE 11 to model the interaction of groundwater with surface water bodies such as rivers, lakes, floodplains and polder areas to consider water quality and water quantity issues of the coupled system.

On the product page, you can learn more about FEFLOW and typical applications that have helped countless water professionals find answers to their groundwater and porous media modelling questions.