Model bathymetries made fast and easy

MIKE C-MAP provides access to an abundance of bathymetric data and, combined with an electronic chart database, it can make the setup of model bathymetries easy and consistent.

It is the MIKE Powered by DHI application, which is used to turn C-MAP data into model bathymetries for your MIKE models.

MIKE C-MAP works with data from digital nautical charts. With the correct charts, you can create a bathymetry of almost any coastal region in the world. You select the model area and a bathymetry is created directly in the internal digital MIKE format. In cases where more specific or precise data are available in parts of the bathymetry area, these can easily be added and taken into account in MIKE’s Mesh Generator.

If you are a professional MIKE 21 or MIKE 3 modeller facing tight budgets and deadlines, MIKE C-MAP is an almost indispensable tool in your toolbox.


  • Setting up the basic model bathymetries is normally a tedious and expensive part of coastal and marine modelling projects. MIKE C-MAP can reduce this task to minutes
  • For thorough and detailed model studies as well as quick estimates, MIKE C-MAP will enhance your productivity immediately. 
  • Manual digitisation of model bathymetries is no longer required. 
  • Easy access to a large digital database of charts
  • Many MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 modellers state that the time saved on just one project has more than paid their MIKE C-MAP licence.

In order to produce your model bathymetries, you need MIKE C-MAP and the relevant data from Jeppesen Norway.


C-MAP is the provider of sea chart information in digital form. This is the data, which is turned into your model bathymetries. C-MAP data are available in a number of packages. Prices vary depending on the size and location of the geographical area.

In addition to bathymetric data, C-MAP also provides tidal data. MIKE C-MAP extracts these tidal data and can turn them into the formats needed, for example, for tidal boundary conditions for MIKE 21.

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Environmental Engineering

Model any aquatic ecosystem or environmental scenario – whether at the coast or at sea.

What’s in the package?

  • Marine PP
  • HD (MIKE 21/3)
  • TR/AD (MIKE 21/3)
  • MIKE ECO Lab (MIKE 21/3)
  • MIKE 3 Underwater Acoustic Simulator
  • + one module of choice from MIKE 21 or MIKE 3

1250€ /per month*

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Coastal Engineering

Achieve sustainable coastal development with a range of industry-recognised applications to support coastal engineering and sediment studies.

What’s in the package?

  • Marine PP
  • HD (MIKE 21/3)
  • Littoral Processes (LITPACK)
  • ST (MIKE 21/3)
  • MIKE 21 SW
  • + one module of choice from MIKE 21 or MIKE 3

1250€ /per month*

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