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Whether you’re new to water modelling or a seasoned professional wanting to master the latest technology, we encourage you to take advantage of the extensive selection of online resources and hands-on technical support available to MIKE customers.

Have a question? Start here for tutorials, documentation, downloads, troubleshooting articles and more. 

Still can't find an answer? Our experienced and friendly Customer Care team is ready to help. Whether your issue pertains to technical assistance, installation, product updates, licences, software maintenance agreements or something else, we're known for offering unparallelled support. 

To get started, email us at Be sure to include:

    • Company name and hardware key number (for example: MZ-488)
    • Operating system, memory and so forth
    • Version of your software package
    • Detailed description of the problem: when did it occur, what error messages came up, etc.
    • If relevant, attach copies of specification and/or data files 
For most enquires, we aim to respond by the end of the following business day. If your question is of a more complex nature and requires help from one of DHI’s experts, it can take a bit longer.

Do you want to learn how to build a model, apply advanced analysis tools or automate your workflows? From thematic and capacity development packages to hands-on training in the use of specific software tools and platforms, we’re here to support all learning styles, goals and budgets. Explore current offerings.