MIKE Animator Plus

Animated presentations of model results

MIKE Animator Plus is a digital video production studio which enables you to turn MIKE 21, MIKE 3, MIKE FLOOD and MIKE SHE model results into amazing 3D video presentations.

Regardless of how well you undertake your modelling work, clear communication of results is crucial to its value and recognition. MIKE Animator Plus facilitates this communication task.


  • Enhanced communication of model results
  • Bridges the gap between specialists and nonspecialists
  • Communicates model studies and ideas efficiently within your team
  • Provides professional client presentations
  • Facilitates consensus making and the dialogue with stakeholders
  • Demonstrates your modelling skills better than any printed material


MIKE Animator Plus includes tools that allow you to:

  • create realistic 3D scenes, including buildings, ships or other solids
  • view model areas and simulation results in 3D
  • visualise current patterns, dispersion of heat or contaminants and morphological changes
  • visualise waves in 3D
  • visualise particle movements and particle tracks
  • import and drape images, such as maps or aerial photos on the bathymetry surface
  • produce professional fly-through animations
  • save the presentation in AVI, PNG, FLC or Frame Format for easy dissemination
Wave propagation animation of a ship entering the Kirkwall Marina in the Orkney Islands.
Wave animation of Concha Bay in the coastal town of San Sebastián, Spain.