Water resources

Modelling all aspects of inland water dynamics and water resources availability

Successful water resources management is becoming an increasingly complex and challenging task with issues ranging from drought and water scarcity to severe flood incidents. Our unique software suite embeds DHI’s industry leading expertise in a range of highly specialised products covering all aspects of inland water dynamics and water resources availability and quality.

Our products work individually or in combination to assist our clients to make optimal and well-balanced decisions in solving today’s water resources challenges.

Our water resources products

Our water resources products are preferred by more professionals around the world than any similar products. Whether your projects focus on water resources planning, river hydraulics, groundwater, flooding, sediment transport, ecology, screening analyses, or detail studies – we have the tools you need.

The product suite comprises MIKE HYDRO River for river applications, MIKE FLOOD for surface water flooding, MIKE SHE for integrated catchment hydrology, MIKE HYDRO Basin for water resources planning and MIKE 21C for river sediments and morphology applications.

Integrated catchment modelling

Urban, coastal and riverine flooding

Comprehensive river network modelling

River basin management and planning

River hydraulics and morphology

Our water resources software products may also be included as part of a tailored solution, for instance for information management, early warning and forecast systems, or operational control systems. Integration with our products for data management, decision support and operational forecasting provides endless options for custom-made IT solutions that match your projects and your needs.

On the product pages, you can learn more about our products and the innumerable opportunities for complex, integrated and problem-oriented model applications.