Unlock more business opportunities with MIKE API

By integrating MIKE API into your own development projects, you will be sure to get the most accurate modelling engine to support your business goals – and to differentiate you from the competition.

MIKE API case stories

Start-up or Corporate? Everyone can benefit!

MIKE API can unlock business opportunities for your company – no matter if you are in a start-up business or you have been in the market for a long time. The application possibilities are almost endless.

Here are a few examples of what MIKE API can do for you:

  • Improve physical asset management such as utilities, distribution networks, transport systems, natural environments and buildings with more accurate calculations of risk from water such as flooding from heavy rain, tsunami, overflowing rivers or sewage systems
  • Improve operations for dams, hydropower plants and warning systems with faster and more accurate calculations of the water system
  • Improve realism of training simulations in water-critical operations such as dam, hydropower plants, and so on

How can your business benefit?

Join our OEM Partner Program

Your business may be in the market of selling software, offering insurance management, asset/risk management or dealing with issues in the water industry.

In these cases – and possibly many others – you are in need of accessing a proven and validated technology within water modelling. Partner with us.

Introducing MIKE API for developers.

Benefits of being a Partner

Being part of the MIKE OEM Partner Program brings you a range of benefits. You can look forward to:

  • Improving your asset and risk management with a more accurate modelling engine for real-time predictions and alerts

  • Having the ability to improve your own products that involve numerical calculations in water

  • Building credibility with existing or new customers when co-branding with the ‘Powered by MIKE API’-logo

  • Increasing your business efficiency by benefitting from the many years of knowledge that lies in the MIKE Powered by DHI technology

  • Gaining access to high-level technical support

Get the freedom

To do more with
our subscription packages


Incorporate the MIKE 1D engines within your own software or applications.

What’s in the package?

  • Runtime licenses for MIKE 1D modules: Hydrodynamics (HD), Rainfall Runoff (RR) and Control structures

133€ /per month#

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Incorporate DHI’s EPANET engine in your own software or applications.

What’s in the package?

  • Runtime licenses for water distribution modules WD-Basic and WD-Tools

100€ /per month#

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* MIKE API Subscriptions are only offered to Partner Organisations under the MIKE OEM Partner Program, with a specific MIKE OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Partner Agreement.