MIKE 21/3 Particle Tracking

Understand and quantify environmental impacts in your system

Better assess the potential environmental impact of dredging, disposal and reclamation activities for improved management and regulation by simulating the transport and fate of dissolved, suspended and sedimented substances in the water column.

Why MIKE 21/3 Particle Tracking

Short simulation times supports use in real-time applications

For software with short simulation times that is useful in real-time applications – look no further. The Particle Tracking module is less computationally demanding compared to Eulerian-based transport modules. Furthermore, it is possible to run the Particle Module in a decoupled mode based on pre-calculated hydrodynamic inputs, making it even more fast and efficient!

Dredge Spill Planning Tool for rapid assessment of effects

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Simulation of dredging spoils in Singapore with moving point sources

Seamlessly integrates with MIKE 21/3 FM Hydrodynamic models to better predict particle movements

The Particle Tracking module and MIKE’s 2D and 3D flexible mesh Flow models are a powerful duo. The simulated Flow regime is seeded with particles in MIKE 21/3 PT with defined properties such as size, density, setting velocity and critical shear stress which are tracked as they move with the flow. The model engine then calculates the path of each particle and outputs the spatial plot of sediment concentration classes in 2D or 3D depending on the hydrodynamic model.

Run 2D and 3D simulations of decay, sedimentation, buoyancy and more

With the Particle Tracking module, users can track individual particles of different sizes, sources and positions within the water column to visualise flow patterns, particularly eddies and recirculation cells. It can also be used to examine the movement of material from dredging and disposal activities. Particles / substances may be a pollutant of any kind, conservative or non-conservative, such as suspended sediment particles, inorganic phosphorous, nitrogen, bacteria or chemicals.

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Watch the fate of three different types of particles coupled to a MIKE 3 FM hydrodynamic model

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Watch how you can easily visualise particle tracks in Google Earth

Communicate results with powerful visualisation

Understand and communicate your results with the many visualisation options in the MIKE Powered by DHI software suite. Create impressive 3D visualisations of particle tracks in MIKE Animator Plus, or take the quick and easy route and output particle track results directly to a Google Earth compatible format to take advantage of integrated data layers including 3D buildings.

The Particle Tracking module supports work in these areas


Assess dredging practices and proposed dredging operations including site selection and placement.

Port Planning & Operations

Analyse sediment transport to predict siltation and contaminant transport in seaports.

Water Quality

Perform risk analyses for accidental spillage of hazardous substances and plan, design and monitor outfalls.

No in-house modellers?

DHI’s experts can review your sediment dispersion concerns and build a PT model to provide scientific support for potential solutions.

Additional capabilities & unique features

MIKE 21/3 PT allows the user to create 2D-maps containing the instantaneous output data which consists of particle concentration and erosion / deposition / net sedimentation. Users can also create 2D-maps containing the averaged or accumulated output data consisting of particle concentration, erosion / deposition /net sedimentation and exceeding concentration.

With the help of the MIKE Particle Track toolbox, it is possible to reverse 2D and 3D flow fields to investigate sources of pollution and/or debris.

MIKE 21/3 PT is operated through a fully Windows integrated Graphical User Interface and is compiled as a true 64-bit application. Support is also provided at each stage by an Online Help System so you’re never working alone.

As part of the versatile MIKE system, MIKE 21/3 PT is also supported by pre-and post-processing, manuals and technical support.

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