Particle tracking

Transport and fate of dissolved and suspended substances in coastal areas

Today, dispersion modelling is widely used in sediment spreading and water quality applications. In many environmental studies it is vital to get accurate and fast answers to questions related to spreading and dispersion.

In order to achieve this, access to the right tools is essential. The Particle tracking (PT) module in our MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 software enables you to model transport and fate of dissolved and suspended substances discharged or spilled in lakes, estuaries, coastal areas, or seas. The particle tracking module is a Langrarian solver of the dispersion equations, while the Advection dispersion (AD) module is an Eulerian solver. Both have distinct advantages - one of the advantages of the particle tracking module is that it can have very short simulation times and is used for example in real-time applications.

The particle tracking module in MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 enables you to model:

  • Sediment spreading
  • Planning, design and monitoring of outfalls
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Monitoring of dredging


  • User-friendly - all features supported by menus, manuals and examples
  • Highly versatile and can be used for a number of different types of challenges
  • Includes a wealth of tools to enhance productivity
  • Short simulation times