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Both traditional developers and modellers/engineers with some development skills want the same thing - great tools to help make the work you do easier.

MIKE for Developers is a compilation of application programming interfaces (APIs), scripting libraries and software development kits (SDK's) that extend MIKE products and technologies.

Tools and technologies

Go beyond the user interface – create a new application, plug-in or better integrate MIKE technology into your workflow. Whatever your goals and objectives, you’re sure to find a best-fit solution.


MIKE API is a software interface that allows you to integrate MIKE engines into your own software or applications.

With MIKE API, you can:

  • Rely on a more accurate modelling engine for critical real-time predictions and alerts
  • Improve your own products that involve numerical calculations in water
  • Provide more realistic training simulations in water-critical operations such as dams and hydropower plants
  • Boost your overall asset and risk management capabilities

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MIKE IO for Python

MIKE IO is a free, open-source Python library for MIKE data file processing and automation.

With MIKE IO for Python, you can:

  • Read, write and analyse dfs0, dfs1, dfs2, dfs3, dfsu and mesh files
  • Rely on flexible data processing and visualisation via Python data science ecosystem
  • Integrate in your own data workflows
  • Perform convenient context-aware plotting
  • Select and aggregate data while maintaining item information (name, EUM type, unit)
  • Convert data to / from 3rd party data formats such as csv, Excel and NetCDF
  • Facilitate scripting and automation of water modelling workflows
  • Read and write dfs files using a simple syntax with the powerful MIKE Core SDK backend
  • Run MIKE IO on Windows, Linux, in a container or a cloud data processing pipeline
  • Run MIKE IO on your laptop or in a cloud notebook environment e.g. Deepnote, Google Colab, etc.

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MIKE Core SDK is a software development kit for building programmes and tools that use MIKE software components. .

With MIKE SDK, you can:

  • Access MIKE native file formats, DFS and PFS
  • Create, read and edit the dfs0, dfs1, dfs2, dfs3 and dfsu file formats
  • Convert units within the MIKE Zero system using the EUM API (Engineering Unit Management)
  • Access various map projection functionality, conversion between different projection systems and different coordinate systems
  • Generate and style maps (bitmaps) generated from a range of dfs and mesh file formats

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MIKE GitHub is an online software development platform designed to store code files and encourage project collaboration.

With MIKE GitHub, you can:

  • Access MIKE software components in various depositories
  • Manage and track file revisions
  • Perform Git actions and view file history
  • Gain access to MIKE repositories from any location and any device
  • Explore and contribute to MIKE open-source projects of all kinds

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