MIKE Cloud Execution

Fast, scalable compute resources on-demand

MIKE Cloud Execution is a new MIKE Cloud service that provides instant access to high-end virtual computers to help deliver your projects faster and at a lower, predictable cost.


No hardware

Access fast, high-end computers (incl. GPU optimised) without the hardware investment

No installation

The backend infrastructure and software is fully maintained by DHI

Ease of use

Launch cloud runs directly from your desktop software with minimal user intervention

What's available now

Execute FEFLOW simulations in the cloud

In one click, groundwater modellers can execute model runs in MIKE Cloud directly from the FEFLOW and FePEST graphical interfaces. Choose from a variety of virtual machines that cover multiple modelling applications. A FEFLOW run per virtual machine, multiple FEFLOW runs per virtual machine with the right CPU balance and a FePEST optimization orchestrated with multiple virtual machines.

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Access cloud applications and execute simulations from MIKE Zero

You can execute simulations from the MIKE Zero interface to a selection of cloud-based virtual machines on-demand via the Simulation Launcher.

Get started with cloud execution

Purchase an Annual Subscription package

Most annual Subscriptions now include a MIKE Cloud company account (1 named user with 1Tb of storage) and an allocation of Cloud Execution credits to spend on cloud-based virtual machines.

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If you already have a perpetual Professional license...

To take advantage of MIKE Cloud, including Cloud Execution, you will need a MIKE Cloud account. Choose how many named users you need and what duration (minimum 1 month).

Request a MIKE Cloud account

Need Cloud Execution credits?

Your MIKE Cloud account must be credited to be able to execute cloud simulations. Choose from three cloud credit bundles, which can be added to your Subscription Package or used with your Professional license of MIKE Software.

Credit Bundles Price
250 credits 310 EUR
500 credits 560 EUR
1000 credits 1000 EUR
For prices in your local currency with relevant taxes, contact your Account Manager or local sales rep.

Login in to MIKE Cloud

This step is done directly in your desktop software (option at the uppermost right corner). Logging in takes you to the Data Admin section of MIKE Cloud, where you can create project workspaces, upload and store files and see your Cloud Execution credit balance.

From the desktop software choose Run Cloud Simulations

In the Cloud Simulation panel (FEFLOW) and Simulation Launcher (MIKE Zero and MIKE+), choose from six Virtual Machine (VM) configurations with varying credit consumption rates.
Download the Cloud Execution Getting Started Guide for FEFLOW, MIKE Zero and MIKE+

VM Names Specifications Azure VM Credits per hour Example usage
2 CPU cores
DS2 v2 0.4 General purpose:
Initial model testing & validation
VM-S-40 32GB RAM
16 CPU cores
F16s v2 2 Compute optimised:
  • 1-dimensional river and pipe flow models (MIKE+)
  • A single FEFLOW model run
  • VM-H-60 352GB RAM
    44CPU cores
    No GPU
    HC44rs 8 High performance compute:
  • 3D Navier-Stokes based models (MIKE 3 Flow Model FM and MIKE 3 Wave Model FM)
  • Several FEFLOW model runs in parallel
  • A highly-parallelised FePEST run
  • VM-S-100 128GB RAM
    64 CPU cores
    No GPU
    F64s v2 8 Compute optimised:
  • Complex 1D-2D coupled models (MIKE+)
  • Several FEFLOW model runs in parallel
  • A highly-parallelised FePEST run
  • VM-G-5 112GB RAM
    6 CPU cores
    1 Tesla V100 GPU
    NC6s v3 6 GPU accelerated compute:
    Dedicated for PETSc GPU-accelerated solver in FEFLOW for very large  groundwater models (e.g. >1-2 million elements)
    VM-G40 224GB RAM
    12 CPU cores
    2 Tesla V100 GPUs
    NC12s v3 10 GPU accelerated compute:
    Very large 2D inundation models (MIKE 21 Flow Model FM)


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