MIKE+ capability

Water Distribution

Develop dynamic water distribution networks

Perform hydraulic and water quality modelling, gain control of pumps and valves, and reduce leakage. Plan network sectioning, analyse fire flows and trace multiple sources.

Plan, manage and optimise your water distribution network

From demand water allocation to water quality and control options, you can count on MIKE+ for your water distribution decision-making.

Use simulations to solve distribution issues

Identify and manage specific challenges by performing steady state, extended period and water quality simulations with the EPANET module which now supports both EPANET 2.0 and EPANET 2.2.

Optimising resource demand allocation is easy with EPANET because you can:
  • Monitor and manage junction node demands
  • Import geocoded and aggregated consumption data
  • Compute multiple water demands for each node in your network
  • Define your own demand categories with different patterns

Ensure the best water quality by:

  • Modelling blended water from different sources
  • Analysing water age
  • Locating chlorine residuals
  • Understanding the growth of disinfection by-products
  • Visualising contaminant propagation

Assess your distribution network with advanced analyses

Evaluate the performance and efficiency of specific elements within your water distribution network using the Special Analyses module.

With this module, you can:

  • Apply control options for extended period simulations, including PID control
  • Simulate system shutdown, maintenance and intermittent water supply systems via pressure-dependent demands
  • Ensure fire flow requirements are met by calculating flow and residual pressure
  • Perform multi-source tracing analyses to assess contamination issues, supply zones and various water source blends
  • Perform flushing analysis for system maintenance

Prevent surges and secure operations

Spotting potential water hammer problems in your pressurised distribution system isn’t easy. But with MIKE+’s new transient hydraulics modelling feature, Water Hammer, you can reveal operations issues and take control of critical infrastructure.

Minimise the pressure and power stresses related:

  • Pump start-up, controlled shutdown and pump trip-off
  • Valve opening and closure
  • Rapid demand change and rapid pressure change
  • Surge protection devices

Describe water quality using a new
Multi-Species Extension (MSX)

Model a system of multiple, interacting chemical species with the multi-species analysis which describes a water quality extension.

Simulate these water quality processes using the MSX extension:

  • Chloramine decomposition
  • Bacterial regrowth with chlorine inhibition
  • Arsenite arsenate adsorption desorption
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Improve accuracy using the new, fully optimised Water Distribution Autocalibration module

Take advantage of a new special analysis Water Distribution Autocalibration module designed to optimise your main model parameters for automatic calibration against measured data.

  • Rely on evolutionary algorithms to find the best settings for pipe friction coefficients, locate closed isolating valves within the water distribution network, adjust water consumptions, and find point leakages.
  • Achieve a better match between observed data and simulated model results by using its streamlined autocalibration process.


Additional capabilities & unique features

Zone water balance map and editor

With this powerful feature, you can easily select and analyse measured time series entering and leaving each zone, allowing you to calculate the water balance for any desired period. The innovative Compute Zone Demand and Leakage tool enables users to estimate the average water demand and leakage within each zone, enhancing your understanding of network performance. Furthermore, the Distributed Demands tool empowers you to populate demands in nodes or pipes, enabling simulations based on accurate measured data. These simulations are visualised seamlessly through MIKE+ calibration plots. To top it off, the Create Time Patterns tool simplifies the process of generating customised daily or weekly demand patterns for each zone, making a previously time-consuming task effortless.

Empower your pumping operations with our latest innovation – the new VSD pump control based on link flow. This feature offers you unparalleled precision and flexibility in managing your pumps. What’s more, we’ve broadened your control options by introducing a versatile set-point that can be adjusted as either constant or time-variable. This expansion complements the existing pressure and water level control types, delivering increased flexibility and control.

Streamline your work process with ease by viewing model results and input data side by side within the same editors. This simplifies the task of achieving ideal pipe network characteristics, allowing you to effortlessly adjust parameters based on specific criteria while simultaneously editing input data and reviewing the results. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for matching data, like pipes, between two separate tables as previously required.

Boost your efficiency with quick access to all simple controls on your pipe networks through a user-friendly, comprehensive table. Stay in control of simple adjustments across your entire pipe network, whether it’s pipes, pumps, or other elements, using our new, easy-to-use editor.

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