MIKE URBAN 2020 Update 1

MIKE URBAN is retired as a product and not maintained any longer. 

However, we have kept the last version of MIKE URBAN 2020.1 available for download. 

MIKE URBAN is required to be installed for those users who need to migrate an existing MIKE URBAN model to MIKE+, as MIKE+ requires MIKE URBAN to be installed to be able to retrieve the model data from the MIKE URBAN geodatabase. It may also be needed by those users who are running projects in MIKE URBAN.

In order to run MIKE URBAN a license for ArcGIS is required, which is provided through MIKE+ ArcGIS version.

3 simple steps to download the latest version
of your MIKE applications

  1. Before downloading, please read the Installation Guide with instructions for a smooth installation
  2. Scroll down and click on the MIKE application of your choice
  3. Select the download link depending on your geographical location and follow the instructions


MIKE URBAN 2020 Update 1

Integrated urban water modelling. MIKE URBAN covers all water networks in the city, including water distribution systems, storm water drainage systems and sewer collection in separate and combined systems.