Modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants

WEST is a powerful and user-friendly modelling software for dynamic modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)  and other types of water quality related systems. It is designed for operators, engineers and researchers interested in studying physical, biological or chemical processes in WWTPs, sewer systems and rivers.


  • User-friendly and intuitive graphical tools
  • Extensive and transparent default model library
  • Limitless flexibility for developing customised model libraries
  • Easy implementation of control strategies
  • Customisable project documentation through inclusion of rich text notes and automated report generation
  • Fully customisable objective functions
  • Wide range of statistical criteria
  • Advanced tools for scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis and parameter estimation
  • Software development kit (SDK) for integration with other software systems
  • Very high simulation speed
  • Engine installable on high performance computing (HPC) infrastructures
  • Multi-language support


When designing or upgrading a WWTP, WEST enables you to compare different design solutions in terms of performance with respect to specific objectives, such as effluent quality, investments and operational costs. The Scenario Analysis tool and the possibility to define custom objective functions in WEST allow you to select the best design for your plant. You can also take a more conventional approach to plant design by means of the Designer Application. This allows you to  design a WWTP according to a template and following a design protocol, such as ATV.

Improvements to the operations of a WWTP may lead to considerable benefits in terms of process performance, effluent quality as well as operational costs, for example for aeration. The Parameter Estimation tool enables you to identify the combination of operational conditions that optimise a given objective.

Model calibration is an essential part of the model development process. The local and global Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Estimation tools in WEST are invaluable to efficiently calibrate your model.

To assess different control strategies by experimenting is typically a cumbersome exercise. WEST provides flexible control models as well as automated conversion of Matlab fuzzy logic controllers. This makes it the tool of choice for evaluating control strategies prior to their actual implementation.

WEST Basic, a new entry-level product to construct and simulate simple plant layouts

A dedicated model library to evaluate nutrient recovery potential from sewage sludge

A-stage biological units for improved carbon capture in resource recovery facilities

Accurate calculation of energy footprint and operating costs to assess the optimisation potential

Influent generators to create realistic time series based on average specs and dynamic patterns

Improved solids balancing through accurate tracking of inorganic solids (ISS)

Tertiary treatment units in view of specific discharge limits and water reuse applications

A wide array of advanced pumps and blowers for realistic description of mechanical equipment

A new library in the Modelica language with extended customisation potential

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Urban Utilities

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  • MIKE URBAN+ ArcGIS Model Manager (Collection Systems and Water Distribution)
  • All Collection System add-on modules
  • All Water Distribution add-on modules
  • WEST+ for water treatment plant optimisation (includes WEST module)

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