Sand transport

Modelling non-cohesive sediment transport processes

Erosion and deposition of sand is of great importance for a large number of challenges related to coastal engineering and harbour engineering. This is can often be in relation to shoreline management, sedimentation in dredged channels or port entrances and undertaking in general of construction works in the coastal zone.

To meet these challenges, access to the right tools is essential. The Sand transport (ST) module in our MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 software enables you to model all areas of non-cohesive sediment, such as sand movements across rivers and coastal areas. It allows you to calculate sediment transport capacity and related initial rates of bed level changes for sand due to currents or waves.

The sand transport module in MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 enables you to model:

  • Sand transport rates
  • Shoreline management
  • Optimisation of port layouts
  • Shore protection
  • Sedimentation in dredged channels and port entrances
  • Erosion over buried pipelines
  • River morphology


  • Sand transport in combined waves and currents
  • User-friendly - all features supported by menus, manuals and examples
  • Includes a wealth of tools to enhance productivity
  • Efficient parallelisation techniques for high performance computing
  • Seamless integration for coupled modelling, for example with hydrodynamic and wave modules