Our areas of application

Applying professional software to the world’s toughest challenges in water

Our software products are used within all water environments anywhere in the world. They cover oceans and coastlines, rivers and reservoirs, ecology, groundwater, water distribution, wastewater and many more.

We have a 25-year track record in developing quality software. Software that thousands of professionals have selected to help solve some of the most complex and toughest issues in their water environments – whether it involves physical, chemical, or biological processes. 

Numerical models play an important role in many proposed development projects, including assessments of their potential impacts. They are also indispensable tools in decision making and for countless operational and planning purposes, when accurate analyses, reliable forecasts and sustainable and cost-effective solutions are key.  

Our software products are often used as part of our tailored solutions for information management and decision support.

Applying reliable, user-friendly and integrated models in your projects can help you develop better solutions and may give you the competitive advantage you need. 

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Data management, decision support and operational forecasting