MIKE Cloud

Unlock your water modelling potential. Enhance the efficiency and flexibility of your workflow.

The next generation of water modelling is here

The power of data, combined with scalable cloud computing, easy plug-in of third-party technologies, multi-user collaboration and partnerships is the future of the water industry. MIKE Cloud gives you all of this and more so you can get more done in less time.


  • Cloud collaboration
    The power of limitless cloud storage. Secure but collaborative, with the access management features you expect.

  • API and IoT enabled
    MIKE Cloud has next generation timeseries, multidimensional and GIS storage built in. All API enabled and scaled for modelling and IoT.
  • Easy data access
    Get a head start on your project with built-in data sets from DHI, along with public datasets at your fingertips.

  • Ecosystem ready
    MIKE Cloud doesn’t just work with the MIKE Desktop suite, it comes with built-in connections to third-party platforms.

What's available now

Begin your journey to more efficient modelling. These cloud services are designed to help MIKE users produce more accurate and detailed results through the power of advanced data analytics.

MIKE Mesh Builder

Create high-quality 2D meshes in record time

Streamline the mesh creation process for riverine, coastal and urban flood applications while reducing errors. Automate the most time-consuming step in the model building process.

MIKE Cloud Execution

Fast, scalable compute resources on-demand

MIKE Cloud Execution offers MIKE users instant access to high-end virtual computers for faster project delivery at a lower, predictable cost.

MIKE Metocean Simulator

Quickly assess wave conditions. No matter your level of expertise.

MIKE Metocean Simulator is a cloud-based wave modelling tool that empowers offshore energy and marine infrastructure professionals of all abilities to assess wave conditions quickly and easily in both offshore and nearshore environments.

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