River basin management and planning

MIKE HYDRO Basin is a multipurpose, map-based decision support tool for integrated water resources analysis, planning and management of river basins. MIKE HYDRO Basin is designed for analysing water sharing issues at international, national or local river basin scale. It’s a comprehensive yet simple  product for investigating options and making reliable decisions.


  • MIKE HYDRO Basin provides an easy-to-use, map-based modelling framework for water resources management and planning in river basins.
  • It includes all model features required in most projects for efficient and accurate water resources modelling.
  • Design model layouts using embedded GIS features and functionalities
  • Fast and flexible simulation engine with scripting options
  • Mature and reliable river basin simulations capability obtained from more than a decade long record of project applications.
  • Detailed outputs from model features provide an easy overview of scenario results, such as water usage, water allocation deficit, generated power, reservoir releases, water losses and mass balance.
  • Comprehensive and effective model components for IWRM applications and decision support systems.
  • Options for stakeholder involvement through serious gaming


The conceptual modelling approach for water resource evaluations as implemented in MIKE HYDRO Basin allows you to conduct a diversity of management and planning related applications.
MIKE HYDRO Basin is the ideal software for:

  • multisector solution alternatives to water allocation and water shortage problems
  • climate change impact assessments on water resources availability and quality
  • exploration of conjunctive groundwater and surface water usage
  • optimisation of reservoir and hydropower operations
  • evaluation and improvement of irrigation scheme performance
  • integrated water resources management (IWRM) studies

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