Time to gain cloud superpowers

MIKE is now on Azure!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, our most popular MIKE Powered by DHI applications are now available on Azure Marketplace. Start taking advantage of MS Azure’s cloud computing capabilities and our advanced MIKE technologies to power up your projects today.

The new 2D Overland Module in MIKE URBAN+ offers efficient ways to model flooding
MIKE URBAN+ supports integrated 2D flood modelling. Create 2D flood maps in a continuous workflow – from building meshes to simulating floods and viewing results.

Browse our software on Azure Marketplace:

The perfect package that includes most of our inland and marine software
Includes a total of seven MIKE software products that help you model catchments, rivers, floodplains, coastal waters, coastline kinetics, coupled groundwater/surface water resources and more.
Integrated platform for advanced urban water modelling
Model all urban water systems, including water distribution, storm water drainage, sewer collection in separate and combined systems as well as integrated urban flooding
All-in-one groundwater modelling solution
Simulate a multitude of groundwater processes involving flow, contaminants, groundwater age and heat transport under fully or variably saturated conditions.

5 reasons to start modelling in the cloud

✓ No more hardware limitation

✓ Rapidly scale up as needed

✓ Access your models anywhere

✓ Low initial infrastructure costs

✓  Quick disaster recovery

4 simple steps to get started

Step 1

Create a free Microsoft Azure account

Step 2

Have your DHI Internet License ready.
(Don’t have one yet? Click here)

Step 3

Sign in and connect

Step 4

Start modelling – anytime, anywhere
With a DHI Internet License, all you pay for is MS Azure infrastructure costs depending on the type of virtual machine you choose – starting at less than US$1 an hour!

Get the most out of your
MIKE software
on MS Azure

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