MIKE Powered by DHI

Welcome to MIKE Powered by DHI, the cutting-edge software solution that revolutionises water modeling and simulation. Our advanced technology and comprehensive suite of tools empower engineers, scientists, and water management professionals to unlock the full potential of water environments.

Experience the advantages

Whether you’re involved in urban or offshore infrastructure, coastal developments, mining operations, or natural resources, MIKE Powered by DHI provides the tools and expertise to optimise decision-making. Our software suite is continuously evolving, just like water itself, ensuring you stay at the forefront of innovation.

Unlock Optimal Results with Advanced Technology

MIKE software is continuously improved based on customer feedback. Trust its certified development process and rigorous testing for robust functionality.

Maximise Value with Seamless Upgrades

Protect your investment with a Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA). Receive free upgrades to the latest version for optimal performance.

Affordable Pricing, Added Benefits

Embrace flexibility and cost-effectiveness with our modular subscription-based cloud and hosted products. Access the latest version for new features and innovations.

Openness and Interoperability for Customisation

Integrate MIKE API into your projects, leveraging our modelling engine for unique business goals. Benefit from predefined templates and libraries.

Intuitive Interfaces, Seamless Collaboration

Each MIKE platform offers user-friendly interfaces for specific modelling tasks. Collaborate across domains to create customised models that fit your needs.

Comprehensive Coverage of Water Environments

Our modular software suite models everything from mountain streams to drinking water. Embrace the full range of water environments with confidence.

MIKE 2024 is here!

Explore new features and enhancements across all our flagship products!


Superior water modelling tools – transforming science into practice and giving you a competitive advantage.

Getting access to MIKE has never been easier

With our wide variety of licensing options, you’re sure to find one that’s right for your project.

Subscription Packages

Enjoy multiple applications in one bundle

Perpetual Licenses

Build your own software portfolio

Academic Licenses

For staff and students at all tertiary levels

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Model in the cloud with your own Internet License or pay-as-you-go

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