MIKE Mesh Builder

Create high-quality 2D meshes in record time

Streamline the mesh creation process for riverine, coastal, and urban flood applications while reducing errors.


Spend less time generating meshes and more time on your project

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Process minimal input data thanks to an advanced meshing engine

Check and verify interpolated meshes in 3D
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Perform fast quality checks on your mesh with 2D maps of element area, aspect ratio and more, plus automated quality statistics
Collaborate on mesh design with colleagues by working simultaneously in a multi-user workspace
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Key features

No installation

Get started in no time. Our modern, browser-based user interface requires no software installation, complex licensing or specialist hardware.

Intuitive mesh generation workflow

Work in a highly responsive, map-oriented environment using MapBox satellite imagery and MapTiler vector maps to design meshes.

Mesh management

Easily share, review, annotate and revise meshes generated by others. The map-based annotation tools allow you to document the different steps in your workflow and review meshes from your team.

2D and 3D visualisation

Work with your data and meshes in a 2D/3D map-based environment to further increase the quality of your mesh. Eliminate data discrepancies and manual errors by comparing and visualising your input data and meshes together.

Meshing from scratch with OpenStreetMap data

When limited data is available, Mesh Builder allows you to extract buildings, roads, rivers, land use, coastlines and other useful geographic features from open data sources for meshing operations and subsequent MIKE 21/3 Flow Model FM calculations.

Advanced meshing engine

Taking advantage of the power, flexibility and security of Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Mesh Builder's assisted meshing routines simplify meshing for complex river networks, roads, coastal areas and offshore areas of interest

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