Model Manager

The core of the MIKE+ user interface

Rely on this universal application for model management, configuration and results presentation.

Execute complex water system projects with ease

The Model Manager is the main module of MIKE+. With its smart layout and intuitive workflows, you’ll be modelling water distribution networks, collection systems, rivers and flooding in no time.
Model Manager - Digital Twin Tools

Model and digital twin management

The Model Manager provides a common data module for all types of applications. Plus, the input editors are compatible with the full spectrum of MIKE+ simulation engines.

This advanced setup enables users to:

  • Import model data from various data sources, such as databases, shapefiles, Excel, etc
  • Export selected model components to various file formats
  • Export model components to ArcGIS Pro
  • Use the Model Versioning management tool to efficiently keep models updated with changes in asset databases
  • Verify and validate the output from various model versions using the built-in Result Differences tool
  • Split and combine models in an easy manner
  • Access spatial processing tools for model features, such as clipping, erasing, merging, etc.
  • Simplify the model network through scrubbing, trimming and merging
  • Integrate MIKE+ models with other applications including online and real time control systems

Advanced graphical editing tools

Simplify the process of building pipe network models and editing their properties and data with the Model Manager’s visual network editor. From junction nodes and valves to demand points and catchments – all components are covered.

With this module, you can:

  • Quickly examine model data with instantaneous data validation
  • Create and edit *.DFS0 time series files from the MIKE+ interface with the Time Series Editor tool
  • Safely modify data with unlimited Undo and Redo functions
  • Use background maps including aerial photos, terrain, cadastral, asset layers, etc. to graphically construct model components

Thematic mapping and integrated dynamic result visualisation

Rely on the Model Manager’s data reporting and visualisation tools to interpret the results of a network analysis. You can visualise both input model data and results at the same time or use the Model Manager for standalone results viewing.

The built-in result presentation functionalities makes it easy to:

  • Create longitudinal profile plots from result maps
  • Set up reports based on information from model data as well as simulation results
  • Present a summary table of all calculated statistics, i.e. for all individual locations, variables and statistics types
  • Create cross section plots to display animated water level results from a network and/or 2D overland result files
  • Present comparisons of model simulations and measured field data in maps, tables, or graphs
  • Perform statistical analysis to determine the goodness of fit

ArcGIS Pro integration

Have a MIKE+ ArcGIS license? Access its sophisticated spatial processing technology directly from MIKE+ Model Manager. For example, you can export selected or all model components to a geodatabase (*.GDB) file format and work with the model components in ArcGIS Pro. Plus, all model layers of water distribution, collection system (MIKE 1D and SWMM), rivers and 2D overland data are supported – together with their results in 1D and 2D.

Take advantage of this powerful integration for:

  • Pre-processing of GIS data before import to MIKE+
  • Complex editing and data analysis requiring joining and relating several tables from various data sources
  • Tasks involving complex spatial analysis and spatial joining of data
  • Layouts, plot to scale and similar high-level reporting initiatives i.e. production of flood maps
  • Geoprocessing tasks like intersecting, overlaying etc. apart from the predefined tasks existing in MIKE+
  • CAD-style editing
  • Share data and results to a wider group of user by publishing data and results to ArcGIS Online

Endless applications with


Urban - River - Flooding

The integrated water modelling platform

Powerful alone. Better together.

MIKE+ offers a full suite of integrated software solutions for water systems with a flexible and scalable model manager layer at its core. The MIKE+ platform allows you to plug and play with different modules to customise water management solutions. They’re powerful alone – but even better when used together.
Plus, some modules are transversal, so you can use them across your collection systems, rivers and flooding challenges. That’s the power of an integrated water modelling platform.

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