Water quality and ecology

Modelling all aspects of water quality and ecological challenges

Knowledge of water quality and of the consequences of human actions is increasingly important. In many cases, numerical modelling is mandatory in order to obtain real knowledge concerning these complex systems. Nature and the complexity of ecological systems are highly variable and likewise, the appropriate modelling software must be able to handle these variations.

To cope with these challenges, our MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 software contains a series of modules, which in combination cover nearly the full range of possible water quality and ecological applications. The Advection Dispersion (AD) module enables you to describe transport, dispersion and decay of dissolved or suspended substances. Equally, but with a Langrarian approach, the Particle Tracking (PT) module allows you to model transport and fate of dissolved and suspended substances.

The Oil Spill (OS) module is designed to describe the movement and transformation of hydrocarbons spilled at sea. If you need to investigate complex ecosystems or systems, which need to be tailored to local conditions or species, our flexible MIKE ECO Lab is the tool you need. However, if you need to address challenges beyond the scope of more traditional water quality and ecological models, ABM Lab enables you to carry out agent based modelling, such as investigating coral spawn, eelgrass succession patterns, or different types of migration patterns.

The ecological modules in MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 enable you to model:

  • Dispersion studies, such as cooling water, brine and wastewater
  • Oil spill movement and transformation
  • Complex ecosystem behaviour, for example of eutrophication, heavy metals, xenobiotics or of the system that you define
  • The fate and behaviour of living organisms (Agent based modelling)


  • User-friendly - all features supported by menus, manuals and examples
  • Includes a wealth of tools to enhance productivity
  • Efficient parallelisation techniques for high performance computing
  • Unmatched flexibility and versatility