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The next stage in the MIKE evolution: That's MIKE+

Still using MIKE 11, MIKE HYDRO River or MIKE FLOOD for your modelling work? Now’s the perfect time to upgrade to MIKE+ – free with a valid Service and Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

Enjoy an improved user experience, thanks to all the great tools and workflows. Plus, having access to all 1D, 2D and couplings data in one place makes model building and maintenance so much easier.

Why Migrate to MIKE+?

Create higher quality models in less time

Rely on the universal MIKE+ Model Manager application for model management, configuration and results presentation.

Visualise and share results more easily

The result viewing experience is tremendously improved when compared with MIKE11 and MIKE FLOOD.

Tap into a rich software ecosystem

Move beyond traditional modelling. Integrate with an ArcGIS database, run models in the cloud and more!

Future-proof your river modelling work

Look forward to a myriad of planned improvements/capabilities in future MIKE+ releases which will grow over time.

Create bigger models with your team

Avoid the frustrations of flat text files with the robust, multi-user compatible configuration of MIKE+.

Check out these great features!

Access the sophisticated spatial processing technologies of ArcGIS
Build river and flooding models and animate results more intuitively with the MIKE+ map-based environment

*Please note: MIKE+ can be purchased as a standalone product, or as part of a MIKE+ ArcGIS version which also provides an ArcGIS license.

Here’s what you need to know if you use:



With MIKE 2024, MIKE+ Rivers supports all MIKE HYDRO River features. MIKE+ also comes with brand new functionalities for river and flood modellers:


We encourage you to read the MIKE 11/MIKE HYDRO River Migration Guide for more details.


MIKE 21 Classic

Need more reasons to switch?
Watch these webinar recordings:

MIKE+ Rivers – Migrating to DHI’s new integrated modelling software

Migration to MIKE+ Overland’

Ready to migrate?

First, check your license

For simple result viewing*: No license is required

To configure your model: A MIKE+ Model Manager license is required:

    • Existing clients: Included with MIKE HYDRO River SMA**

To run your model:
No additional engine license is required. MIKE 1D (and its cross domain modules) are shared across MIKE software (e.g. your rainfall runoff license can be used in MIKE HYDRO River and MIKE+). The same is true for the MIKE 21 FM engine.

* Equivalent to MIKE View and Result Viewer
** If additional modules are later purchased, Model Manager license needs to be paid

Next, follow this 8-step migration process

Step 1: Upgrade to MIKE 2023 Update 1

Install the latest version of MIKE Zero and MIKE+

  • Open your MIKE 11, MIKE HYDRO River, or MIKE FLOOD model with the latest version
  • Run the model with MIKE 1D and fix errors, if any
Step 2: Open MIKE+

Create a new database
Select the coordinate system of your model
Step 3: Run the Import Tool

The Import Tool brings all supported features into the database except files that remain outside of the database such as:
  • Cross-section files*
  • Timeseries**

If you import a MIKE 21 Rectangular Grid model, it will be converted to a MIKE 21 FM one since MIKE+ does not support the MIKE 21 Classic engine.

* New xns11 file is saved in the MIKE+ folder with the new river names
** paths to dfs0files are kept unchanged, i.e. MIKE+ will read the time series in their original location/folder

Step 4: Check logs and errors
Check the Import Log for potential errors MIKE+ has spotted
  • If new validation errors appear in MIKE+:
    • Your original model had configuration issues that were never picked up
    • MIKE+ has better validation routines than MIKE11, MIKE HYDRO River and MIKE FLOOD
    • MIKE+ requires or advises you to fix them before running
    • If your models runs in its original form (see step 1), it will run in MIKE+.
  • Additional checks are carried out by MIKE 1D, but those should be consistent with Step 1
Step 5: Check how the model was imported

There are differences between a MIKE+ and MIKE HYDRO River model, therefore, some data is modified during the import such as:
  • Side structures: Converted to structures on structures links
  • River names: MIKE+ doesn’t allow rivers with identical IDS so they may be renamed and their cases modified upon import. Also, these IDs are case-sensitive, as opposed to in MIKE 11 and MIKE HYDRO River.
Step 6: Check global and local parameters

MIKE+ will run a collection system and river network together. Therefore, a few parameters are the same.
  • If you import a MIKE HYDRO River or MIKE 11 model into an existing collection system, confirm those global parameters are still good
  • Also, be sure to check entries in red that differ from the default value
Step 7: Recalibration

You might need to recalibrate your model, depending on the engine you use.
  • If you migrate from the MIKE 11 engine: MIKE+ uses the MIKE 1D engine which will generate some differences in the results
  • If you migrate from the MIKE 1D engine: Small changes may occur for models calibrated with older MIKE 1D engines
Step 8: External coupling
If you have issues importing your MIKE HYDRO River model (e.g. missing features in MIKE+), you can couple it ‘as is’ in MIKE+. This option will be disabled with MIKE 2025 (see below)

If you need to use MIKE 21 FM modules and parameters that are not supported (i.e. not part of Inland Flooding), you should not import the 2D model ine MIKE+ and instead couple MIKE+ to an external MIKE 21/3 model.

Frequently asked questions

To check if you have the correct license:
  • Open DHI License Management
  • Look for MU_ModelManager which will allow you to open MIKE+ Model Manager
  • Next, see if you have MIKE1D which will allow you to run the collection system and river models
  • License requirements and training courses – Contact your local DHI team
  • Automatic import issues /other bugs and errors – Contact MIKE Support (mike@dhigroup.com or your local support)
  • MIKE+ Roadmap or specific conversion issues and migration strategy – Contact Aurelien Gasc (aug@dhigroup.com)
  • MIKE 2023 Update 1 (May 2023): MIKE+ Rivers is 100% feature complete.
  • MIKE 2024 (November 2023): Only MIKE+ can be installed (i.e. MIKE 11, MIKE HYDRO River and MIKE FLOOD are no longer in the installer.
  • MIKE 2024.1 (May 2024): Only MIKE+ can be installed.
  • MIKE 2025 (November 2024) onward: Support ends therefore there will be no more hotfixes. Old versions of MIKE 11, MIKE HYDRO River and MIKE FLOOD (e.g. MIKE 2023) can co-exist on the same machine with MIKE 2025 (For coupled models (e.g. MIKE HYDRO Rivers and MIKE SHE) and operational systems (e.g. MIKE 11 in MIKE OPERATIONS), all software must be in the same version.

Learn how your project can benefit from the advanced river and overland modelling capabilities of MIKE+.

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