3D modelling of coast and sea

MIKE 3 provides the simulation tools you need to model 3D free surface flows and associated sediment or water quality processes. All over the world, MIKE 3 is widely recognised as the platinum standard for environmental and ecological studies.

MIKE 3 builds on the same solid technology as MIKE 21 and is the obvious choice when your project requires 3D modelling. If you are familiar with MIKE 21, you will immediately feel at home with MIKE 3. With the combination of the two in your toolbox, hardly any coastal or marine modelling job will exceed your capabilities.

With the Boundary Conditions Generator for MIKE 3, you can generate boundary data and initial conditions for your marine projects – quickly and easily. Lean more and take a quick tour of the Boundary Conditions Generator.


  • Proven technology
  • Widely recognised as the platinum standard for environmental and ecological studies
  • MIKE 3 is modular – you buy what you need and nothing more
  • It comes with a wealth of first class tools that enhance and ease modelling possibilities
  • Unparallelled support is available from any of our more than 30 offices around the world
  • Regular training courses through THE ACADEMY by DHI
  • Access to DHI know-how wherever you are


MIKE 3 is the ideal software for:

  • assessment of hydrographic conditions for design, construction and operation of structures and plants in stratified waters 
  • coastal and oceanographic circulation studies including fine sediment dynamics
  • optimisation of coastal, thermal or wastewater disposal outlets
  • environmental impact assessment of marine infrastructures
  • ecological modelling including optimisation of aquaculture systems
  • lake hydrodynamics and ecology
  • coastal and marine restoration projects
  • analysis and optimisation of cooling water recirculation and desalination plants