MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis software (MIKE 21 MA)

Perform highly precise moored vessel response assessment

- for single and multi-vessel systems


Improve safety and reduce the cost of your port and terminal operations

Benefit from the most accurate software for calculating motions of moored vessels and other floating structures at sea and in ports, as well as the resulting forces in mooring arrangements. As a port, port developer or oil & gas company, you can achieve more accurate downtime estimates and improve the safety of your operations.




Understanding how moored vessels respond to dynamic wind, wave and current conditions is essential to port authorities, terminal operators, as well as master planners and designers.

Imagine having an easy-to-use software at hand that enables you to increase safety and efficiency - already during planning and in your daily operations, featuring:


A user-friendly interface

It is a breeze to simulate multi-body interactions with the intuitive interface. For ports, the ability to incorporate the quay shape improves operability calculations, making them less conservative. The interface also simplifies offshore terminal calculations for the oil & gas industry.

Extremely fast simulations

The mooring analysis solver of our model allows for rapid run times while offering extremely accurate results.

High-precision hydrodynamic analysis

You can incorporate the shape of the vessel and wave and flow fields that surround the entire vessel. Users can also input time-series and metocean data.

A comprehensive vessel hulls catalogue

Comes with a vessel hulls catalogue that includes common ships, which users can choose to scale accordingly.


Extra: Get easy access to 40 vessel hulls


A key element in a successful dynamic mooring analysis is getting the design of the vessel hulls represented as realistically and accurately as possible.

As a MIKE 21 MA user, you now have access to purchase 40 different vessel hulls in addition to the 12 vessel hulls that are already included for free.

Together with FORCE Technology, we have made these additional hulls, of the highest quality, available for purchase:


11 bulk carriers

13 container carriers

7 LNG carriers

9 tankers

By using the implemented scaling technique, the user can now cover the entire range of vessel sizes between 70 and 400 m of length with confidence.


Special offer – get two months discount

When you purchase MIKE 21 MA, you also get a two-month promotional offer where you can buy these 40 additional vessel hulls for a special price.


Special offer

795 Euros per vessel for the first two months of your licence.

Normal price: 925 Euros per vessel.

All prices are exclusive of GST


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Key benefits


Benefit from the most accurate software for calculating motions of moored vessels and other floating structures at sea and in ports, as well as the resulting forces in mooring arrangements.

This is what you can achieve with MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis:


Safe and efficient cargo handling operations between terminal-to-ship and ship-to-ship

Check your mooring configurations under extreme conditions in ports and exposed locations to ensure the safety of your vessels and infrastructure.

Optimisation of mooring and fender arrangements

Test and improve mooring arrangements and simply select the solution that works best.

Reduced downtime and operational costs

Save costs by identifying adverse conditions for operations in open seas and ports in advance.

A flexible tool for ongoing planning and operation

Marine pilots and operators can quickly check on the safety of the applied mooring system under present conditions.


Training your staff!


We provide both standard and tailored training courses for you and your staff.

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