Boussinesq waves

Analysing wave disturbances in ports, harbours and coastal areas

Detailed modelling of waves in ports, harbours and coastal areas is an integral part of a number of important tasks in port engineering and coastal engineering, for example for analysing operational and design conditions inside harbours.

Our Boussinesq wave module, MIKE 21 BW, is a unique tool for wave simulation. The combination of the included wave phenomena, productivity tools and user friendliness is unmatched. For this reason, MIKE 21 BW has become the standard tool for harbour design in many countries. MIKE 21 BW allows you to reproduce combined effects of all important wave phenomena in ports, harbours and coastal engineering.

The Boussinesq wave module in MIKE 21 enables you to model:

  • Operational and design conditions within ports and harbours
  • Wave disturbance inside harbour basins
  • Surf and swash zone dynamics
  • Analysis of low-frequency oscillations (seiching and harbour resonance)
  • Propagation and transformation of ship-generated waves and tsunamis in harbours and coastal areas


  • Includes all important wave phenomena
  • User-friendly - all features supported by menus, manuals and examples
  • Efficient tools for model generation, result analysis and result presentation
  • Efficient computational engine