Forecast modelling in river applications

Forecasting in river modelling serves multiple purposes. The most common applications are reservoir inflow forecasting and common forecasting of flood levels at specific locations along the river system.

Reliable forecasts help you to optimise control strategies for increased downstream flood protection and optimised reservoir storage for water resources management. Also, forecasts form the basis for the dissemination of warnings to local authorities and the public with information about the time scale and extent of the expected flood inundation. Consequently, forecasting techniques in river modelling constitute a viable and important tool within flood management.

A central element in MIKE 11's flood forecasting methodology is its ability to assimilate the latest flow observations and adjust any trends during the model simulation to optimise the accuracy of the forecast.

MIKE 11 is used for flood forecasting, impact assessment and flood control design worldwide. It is applied under very different and severe conditions, from highly developed areas with detailed information and advanced monitoring systems to less developed areas, where information is limited.


  • Accurate and timely forecasts increases response time
  • Multipurpose forecast methodology (floods, droughts, water quality)
  • Key component in real-time, on-line DSS and flood warning systems