04 Jul 2016

Making great headway at the 19th DHI User Conference in Japan

On 21st and 23rd June, DHI Japan conducted the DHI Users Conferences (DUC) for our MIKE Powered by DHI’s software. Held in two locations—with the first day in Tokyo, and the second in Osaka—the DUCs aimed to connect with MIKE software users and keep them updated with the new developments and upgrades of our software.

Participants had the honor of listening to special presentations from several Japanese experts. In Tokyo, Professor Kure from Toyama Prefectural University gave an inspiring lecture on the severe Kanto-Tohoku heavy rainfall disaster of September 2015, and estimations of future maximum probable flood by using the MIKE FLOOD software. Several MSc and PhD Students from Chuo University also presented their studies using our MIKE HYDRO River (MIKE 11), MIKE URBAN, and MIKE FLOOD technology. 

In Osaka, Professor Ohtani from Gifu University presented a groundbreaking research on underground temperature variation and the heat utilisation in alluvial fan area. A grave issue in Japan, the research used our FEFLOW capability as a basis to simulate accurately geothermal conditions. 

Our own DHI experts took to the stage to present the new functionalities of the MIKE and FEFLOW series, as well as upcoming major novelty in our technology.

Marcus Richter from DHI Germany introduced to participants a new entrance into DHI’s software range, the MIKE IPO (Info-Planning-Operation) with focus on real-time Operation aspects, and the groundbreaking Water 4.0 concept, the next revolution in the water industry. In his presentation, Marcus Richter also provided an insight on what is soon to come in the amalgamation of virtual reality and water engineering.

A live demonstration of the main functionalities of MIKE HYDRO was given by Takahiro Kazama of DHI Japan, as well as a presentation of the newest and upcoming features in the new Coast and Sea software suite such as mooring simulator, renewed oil spill module and implementation of waves in MIKE 3.

Our DHI expert sharing on new MIKE software efficacy during the DHI Users Conference 2016 in Japan © DHI

Our DHI presentations rounded off with updates about our MIKE URBAN software and FEFLOW, with a special highlight from Makato Hada of DHI Japan about coupling of MIKE URBAN and MIKE SHE, and detailed insights about the new FEFLOW module, PiFreeze, which aims at simulating freezing and groundwater. This is particularly of relevance in Japan after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant accident and contaminated leakages.

90 people from over 35 organisations from the private, academic, and public sectors turned up for the DUCs in 2016. We are heartened and hopeful for an even greater participation for our special DUC in 2017 as we celebrate 20 successful years of DHI’s presence in Japan. 

‘We believe our participants have benefited from our sharings and lectures, particularly in being updated with the new functions and efficacies of our improved MIKE software suite.’ – Francois Salesse, Head of DHI Japan