01 Dec 2015

MIKE 2016 is here - Embedding knowledge in technology

We are pleased to inform you that MIKE 2016 is now available for download.

MIKE 2016 is packed with many new features and enhancements to improve your user experience. It also introduces new products for data management, decision support and operational forecasting.

Come discover them with us.

Flexibility and openness
MIKE 2016 gives you an array of features designed with your needs in mind. If your needs go beyond these readily available features, the MIKE suite also offers a variety of possibilities such as:

  • Coding your own tools for preprocessing and postprocessing
  • Interacting, on a programming level, with the numerical kernel of a number of MIKE models
  • Designing and developing your plugins as part of the graphical user interface

Remote execution and simulation
With remote simulation in MIKE 2016, sharing powerful hardware among users within your organisation has never been easier. Functionality such as resource management and support for parallelisation will boost your efficiency and make the most of your hardware investments.

New product suite: Data management, decision support and operational forecasting
Our new software products for data management, decision support and operational forecasting – MIKE INFO, MIKE PLANNING and MIKE OPERATIONS – integrate smoothly with MIKE products but can also be tailored to work with your existing technologies. Read more about them here.

Our focus is you
At DHI, we are committed in ensuring that the best tools, support and training are provided to you. Through THE ACADEMY by DHI’s skills development and capacity building activities, we make sure you’re equipped to take on your unique challenges in any water environment. Learn more about our courses and events or contact us for a tailor-made course.

Please contact our Client Care for licence options, renewal of service and maintenance agreements, upgrading of existing software or a demo.

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