26 Jan 2016

Service Pack 1 for MIKE 2016 is now available

We have now released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for MIKE 2016, which includes performance enhancements, fixes and new features.

With SP1, we take the next step in offering support for green infrastructure planning and design in MIKE URBAN. We also introduce a few new features in our data management and data integration software, MIKE INFO, as well as our online modelling framework for water forecasting and operational control, MIKE OPERATIONS.

The new features in MIKE 2016 products include:

  • Enhanced support for planning and design of green infrastructure in urban areas. In addition to detailed hydraulic modelling of water-sensitive urban design implementations, we’ve now extended MIKE URBAN at screening level to allow assessment of Low Impact Developments (LIDS).
  • Introducing MIKE INFO Free with support for SQLite, which is a server-less database engine. This allows you to run MIKE INFO without a licence from a local database on your computer as opposed to running it on a remote server.
  • MIKE INFO has also been extended with a user interface in Portuguese, an online help viewer as well as a functionality for customising the start page.
  • MIKE OPERATIONS has been extended with custom data enhancements to improve use and management of documents and data.

Learn more about the new features here.

In addition to these new functionalities, SP1 includes minor fixes and performance enhancements, designed to improve your experience with MIKE 2016 products.

For more information about improvements and fixes, view the updated release notes.

Download Service Pack 1
To download SP1, go to the MIKE 2016 Service Pack page and select the product of choice. For FEFLOW, MIKE INFO and MIKE OPERATIONS, you need the full installer, which you can find on the MIKE 2016 download page.
Across our many products, we continue to release updates to ensure that you have access to the latest features and improvements and a great experience with MIKE 2016.

If you have questions about SP1, please contact your local DHI office or our Client Care.