A computer tool to support ecosystem services assessments and cost-benefit analysis of measures to improve environmental quality.


The DESSIN Ecosystem Services (ESS) assessment tool was developed in collaboration between DHI and the DESSIN project, which was funded European Union’s Seventh Framework Program. The tool supports implementation of the DESSIN ESS assessment framework, which is a structured approach for comprehensive assessment of ESS, including before/after comparison of impacts on ESS resulting from proposed measures.

Ecosystem services are services provided by nature to humans. An assessment of ESS, and how these services might be affected by proposed projects or management measures, can yield useful insights that can enhance a traditional cost-benefit analysis exercise. For example, a project to improve water quality in a river could result in more visits to the river for recreation or other leisure activities. More enjoyment of this ecosystem service (the provision of an enjoyable setting for recreation) is an important benefit that should be considered in the assessment of the project. The DESSIN tool facilitates a comprehensive evaluation of ESS, and helps predict how ESS might change as a result of a proposed measure.


  • Computer software tool that guides users through the DESSIN ESS assessment framework.
  • Additional features to support project assessment, including a sustainability assessment workflow.
  • Tool is fully integrated into DHI’s MIKE Workbench software, and facilitates linking to models, data, and indicators within an integrated platform.


  • Download and install DHI’s MIKE OPERATIONS software. This will install MIKE Workbench, which is the software program that runs the DESSIN ESS tool.
  • Obtain a free license for MIKE OPERATIONS from
  • Follow the instructions in the DESSIN user guide to get started.