Industrial porous media

Design and optimisation of industry products

Modelling flow and storage of liquids in artificial porous media is crucial for the development of consumer products, such as diapers, wipes or sanitary towels.

Its highly sophisticated numerical techniques for efficiently and exactly solving flow problems under variably saturated conditions and flexible meshing strategies make FEFLOW a perfectly suited tool for the industry to maximize the efficiency of consumer products and to develop innovative technologies and new designs.

FEFLOW enables you to model:

  • Infiltration and storage processes
  • Prediction of absorption behaviour
  • Optimisation of absorber materials with varying geometry and physical properties
  • Industrial porous materials with flexible porosity ranges
  • Hysteresis effects to account for wetting and drying cycles in industrial porous media (wettability changes)


  • Flexible meshing strategies for an accurate geometry representation of industry products
  • Highly detailed 3D visualisation of the infiltration processes
  • Sophisticated computational methods for accurate results
  • Capability to include solute transport and heat transport effects