Groundwater/surface water interaction

Coupled water quantity and quality modelling

The interaction of groundwater and surface water is one of the major concerns in water resources management today. Nearly all surface water bodies interact with groundwater. Therefore, in many cases these two resources need to be treated as a coupled system when looking into water quantity and water quality issues.

FEFLOW enables you to model all relevant processes related to water quantity and quality. With the coupling plug-in IfmMIKE11, our software suite features an efficient tool to couple the groundwater software FEFLOW with the surface water product MIKE 11. A powerful graphical user interface allows you to visualise the interaction between groundwater and surface water and to analyse the patching.

IfmMIKE11 supports the following features:

  • Coupling of river networks and looped networks
  • Coupling of polder areas and floodplains
  • Interaction between lakes and groundwater
  • Automatic setting of constraints within areas representing polders or floodplains
  • Automatic setting of constraints for regular branches
  • Definition of the exchange area between river and groundwater by MIKE 11 cross sections.
  • Mass-transport coupling


  • One tool for integrated modelling of all relevant flow and mass transport processes
  • Realistic representation of exchange processes under various conditions
  • Batch-mode execution
  • Comfortable user interface