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MIKE Powered by DHI is more than software. Over the years, we have built an extensive MIKE community of water experts and software users worldwide. As a MIKE user, you will never stand alone!

Share ideas and experiences. Find solutions. Share tips and tricks. Increase your professional network. Connect with DHI experts and fellow MIKE users.


Inspiring and game-changing ideas emerge from use. Our innovative software products are built on thorough research and user feedback – they are made for and by the users. We also acknowledge the importance of strong and fruitful relations between like-minded professionals, and we aim to facilitate these relations - for the mutual benefit of DHI and our clients and partners.

We have a number of activities and online forums where you can share your knowledge and experiences:

  • Join in the conversation on the MIKE User Forum
  • Attend one of our many MIKE Powered by DHI user group meetings and seminars
  • Enhance your skills at one of our numerous training courses
  • Meet and talk with our experts at local conferences and trade shows
  • Attend one of our webinars and get an online presentation of our software products
  • Find your answers in our online FAQ 
  • Connect with us on your favourite social network


Your success as a MIKE user is key to the success of DHI. One way to add to your success is by enhancing your skills through value added training and capacity building. Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide range of standard and tailored training courses. Every year, thousands of water professionals are trained by highly qualified trainers, who are regularly praised for their abilities to adapt the training to the specific needs of our users.

Below is a selection of our upcoming training courses, seminars and conferences.

Upcoming training courses

18 Dec
1 day
WEST This free one hour Webinar will be presented different aspects of WWTP modeling with the software WEST, by DHI. Challenges, benefits, and procedures will be pointed out — since the acquisition of data to the scenario build-up and optimization. All the wastewater treatment stakeholders will be considered, such as designers, builders, operators, WWTP managers, regulators, environmental agencies, external consultants. Presentation will be Portuguese 16:00-17:00 UTC 11:00 am EST Online
22-23 Jan
2 days
MIKE HYDRO RIVER This two-day course gives you an introduction to the capabilities of the MIKE HYDRO River modelling system in order to enable you to set up and run basic river models with MIKE HYDRO River. Italy
23-24 Jan
2 days
MIKE URBAN COLLECTION SYSTEMS This two-day course in Berlin gives you an introduction to data management and numerical modelling of urban collection system networks (separate and combined) in order to enable you to set up and run simple MU CS models. Germany
7 Feb
1 day
FEFLOW This free, one-hour webinar offers a case study of a state-of-the-art groundwater flow model that was developed in a complex hydrogeologic setting to improve pore pressure estimate reliability and optimize a dewatering system with respect to CAPEX and OPEX costs. The high-resolution 4D groundwater flow model for transient pit wall pore pressure and mine inflow estimates was developed for a large open pit mine in Peru. 15:00 - 16:00 UTC (11am - 12pm EST) Online
18-22 Feb
5 days
FEFLOW This comprehensive five-day course in Berlin consists of two parts. The introductory part is identical to the course "Introduction to groundwater modelling". The advanced part aims at providing you with the skills for advanced modelling topics. Germany
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Upcoming seminars and conferences

18 Dec
1 day
A SUPPLY CHAIN WITHOUT PROBLEMATIC CHEMISTRY IN A CIRCULAR ECONOMY A transparent supply chain is one of the keys to avoiding problematic chemical substances in your products. In this free webinar we will present the experience from a printing company which has been through the process of substituting problematic substances in their entire product portfolio. Furthermore, we will introduce a new guidance and tools supporting companies towards a circular economy. Time: 14.00-15.00 CET. Online
13-14 Feb
2 days
USER GROUP MEETING IN GOTHENBURG Key note speakers will introduce important issues in the Swedish water sector of today. A mixture of presentations of new software features and technologies as well as practical case studies presented by users and modelling experts are included. Sweden
11 Apr
1 day
ADVANCED MODELING FOR OFFSHORE DEVELOPMENTS This one-day seminar in New York, NY provides an overview of advanced numerical ecological models for marine and coastal environments, ranging from environmental pressure modeling to habitat suitability, agent-based and ‘integrated’ modeling. The seminar will include a synopsis of the basic functionality of reviewed models, their applicability for use in risk analyses, project planning, environmental assessment permitting processes and environmental monitoring and management. 13:00-20:00 UTC (9am-4pm EST) USA
5 Jun
1 day
DHI SEMINAR 2019 ÖSTERREICH The activities include a mixture of presentations of the new features of Release 2019, technologies and case studies presented by users and DHI experts. The User Group Meeting is a good opportunity for water professionals to network & exchange know-how. Austria
23 Sep
1 day
SUSTAINABLE PORTS, HARBORS, AND TERMINALS This one-day seminar in Houston, TX isolates the construction project cycle, explains the types of environmental impacts that can occur and be avoided, and outlines what field survey and / or numerical modelling is needed to allow for informed sustainable decision-making. The seminar also puts emphasis on explaining necessary levels of analysis diligence and illustrating where environmental and operational sustainability can go hand-in-hand. 13:00-20:00 UTC (9am-4pm CST)   USA
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