MIKE Community

MIKE Powered by DHI is more than software. Over the years, we have built an extensive MIKE community of water experts and software users worldwide. As a MIKE user, you will never stand alone!

Share ideas and experiences. Find solutions. Share tips and tricks. Increase your professional network. Connect with DHI experts and fellow MIKE users.


Inspiring and game-changing ideas emerge from use. Our innovative software products are built on thorough research and user feedback – they are made for and by the users. We also acknowledge the importance of strong and fruitful relations between like-minded professionals, and we aim to facilitate these relations - for the mutual benefit of DHI and our clients and partners.

We have a number of activities and online forums where you can share your knowledge and experiences:

  • Join in the conversation on the MIKE User Forum
  • Attend one of our many MIKE Powered by DHI user group meetings and seminars
  • Enhance your skills at one of our numerous training courses
  • Meet and talk with our experts at local conferences and trade shows
  • Attend one of our webinars and get an online presentation of our software products
  • Find your answers in our online FAQ 
  • Connect with us on your favourite social network


Your success as a MIKE user is key to the success of DHI. One way to add to your success is by enhancing your skills through value added training and capacity building. Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide range of standard and tailored training courses. Every year, thousands of water professionals are trained by highly qualified trainers, who are regularly praised for their abilities to adapt the training to the specific needs of our users.

Below is a selection of our upcoming training courses, seminars and conferences.

Upcoming training courses

21-22 Jul
2 days
MIKE 21/3 ECO Lab This two-day course teaches you the fundamentals of ecological modelling and gives you an introduction on how to develop an ecological, process oriented model using either MIKE 21 or MIKE 3 ECO Lab (classic or FM series). Malaysia
22 Jul
1 day
Webinar: Managing storm water contamination in urban areas Stormwater runoff from a wide range of land uses in urban catchments carries a number of pollutants such as heavy metals, nutrients, total suspended solids, and bacteria (e.g. E. coli). Although different Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) systems are useful for improving stormwater quality, a significant gap remains to predict their impact at catchment level. This webinar describes the gap and solutions with relevant case studies. Time: 12:00 am UTC (12:00 pm NZT) Online Register
5 Aug
1 day
Webinar: Integrated coastal water quality modelling for limit setting process Environment regulators need to consider the connectivity between freshwater and coastal waters, and assess catchment load limits in the freshwater domain to protect the values of coastal receiving environments. Goal of uniform load reduction is neither realistic nor cost effective. This webinar describes how numerical modelling can be used to determine the connectivity and find targeted ways to reduce loading to results in acceptable state of the coastal receiving environment. Time: 12:00 am UTC (12:00 pm NZT) Online Register
19 Aug
1 day
Webinar: River water quality modelling and management River water quality models, which simulate the fate and transport of contaminants under different scenarios, are useful for water resource managers to assess the possible water quality status of rivers under various scenarios. These models can be of three types - empirical black box, conceptual grey box, and numerical white box. This webinar deliberates on these three modelling types and how they can be used for operational management. Time: 12:00 am UTC (12:00 pm NZT) Online Register
20 Aug
1 day
Webinar: Sustainable stormwater modelling in cities using MIKE URBAN+ Join this one-hour webinar and discover how green solutions may benefit your city. Understand the role and benefits of modelling with MIKE URBAN+. Be inspired by examples of model applications. Ask a MIKE URBAN+ expert any of your questions. Fee: Free-of-charge. Time: 07:00-08:00 UTC. Online Register
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Upcoming seminars and conferences

21 Jul
1 day
DHI ENGAGE ONLINE DHI New Zealand welcomes you to join this Engage Session in a new online format to talk about your MIKE Software and projects with our engineers and scientists and other industry colleagues in an informal seminar. We will have short presentations to start it off followed by free format conversations. Time: Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 11.00am - 12.30pm (NZT) Online Register
14 Oct
1 day
IV. FEFLOW User Day Building on the huge success of the previous FEFLOW conferences, FEFLOW 2020 will feature numerous opportunities for business networking, exchanging ideas and further improving your modelling skills. Language: English Hungary
2-4 Nov
3 days
NETWORKING GROUNDWATER 2020 Nowadays, numerical groundwater modelling is a standard tool for the assessment and prediction of groundwater flow, mass and heat transport. FEFLOW is a widely used software for this purpose. Networking Groundwater 2020 is an event for all users of FEFLOW who would like to share their experience with the software and to meet our team of FEFLOW experts. Germany
20-23 Sep
4 days
FEFLOW INTERNATIONAL USERS CONFERENCE 2021 Join fellow FEFLOW users and renowned experts from across the globe in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada for this four-day biannual event. Together we will exchange ideas, share experiences, explore the latest innovations and trends in groundwater modelling, discuss practical challenges and potential solutions. This conference begins with two days of presentations by FEFLOW users and keynote speakers followed by two days of training workshops. For more details and to register http://events.dhigroup.com/feflow-2021/ Canada
More seminars and conferences