The MIKE 2019 release sets you free to take the next step in your MIKE Powered by DHI applications.

With new products, improved features and more, this is one release you don’t want to miss out on.

See what’s new:


  • MIKE 3 Flow Model FM: Non-hydrostatic module available for advanced and fine-scale 3D flow simulations

  • MIKE 21 MA: New extension enables you to calculate loads on bollards and dolphins


  • Launch of MIKE URBAN+, the integrated platform for advanced modelling of urban water


  • MIKE SHE: Added support for Python scripting and plugins

  • MIKE 21, MIKE 3 and MIKE FLOOD: Now supporting long culverts structure in your model mesh


  • MIKE Zero: New continuous colour interpolation in MIKE Zero presentation and visualisation tools

  • MIKE ECO Lab: Added built-in functions for calculating pH in seawater/freshwater environments

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Model all urban water systems with MIKE URBAN+

The new MIKE URBAN+ lets you model all of the city’s pipe networks in ONE modelling platform ensuring overview, integration and higher efficiency in urban modelling.


Get a more accurate prediction using non-hydrostatic 3D modelling

MIKE 3 Flow Model FM now offers an option for solving the non-hydrostatic Navier-Stokes equations instead of the hydrostatic shallow water equations. It brings MIKE 3 Flow Model FM a step closer to the CFD domain, while retaining the fast and user-friendly modelling experience.

Calculate bollard forces in MIKE 21 MA easily

You can calculate and evaluate loads on bollard and dolphins against selectable criteria such as force angles, horizontal, vertical and total thresholds.

The improved user interface also allows you to move and toggle the vessel deck plane, so that the ship hull shape can be visualised with iso-lines at different heights.


Include long hydraulic structures like culverts or pipes in the model mesh for MIKE FLOOD, MIKE 21 and MIKE 3

You can now include culverts or pipes with a physical length larger than the size of one mesh element in your model mesh. The long culvert allows users to define the start and end locations of the culvert structure and thereby calculate a transfer of water between these locations calculated from a structure equation.

New MShePy module for python scripting and plugins in MIKE SHE

MShePy allows you to interact with the MIKE SHE water movement engine during runtime. Most importantly, you can implement water transfers that are not possible with a standard setup, but required for your current project.

New option for defining free flows at outflow boundaries in MIKE 21, MIKE 3 and MIKE FLOOD

Model domains with no measured or otherwise well-defined boundary conditions at outflow points can now be assigned as free outflow boundaries. The model will continuously calculate the hydraulic conditions along the boundary during simulations. This feature will greatly benefit flood modellers in particular.


New continuous colour interpolation for all MIKE Zero result presentation tools and viewers

Visualise your 2D MIKE results with a new continuous colour interpolation scheme. Now available for MIKE Zero Data Viewer, MIKE Zero Data Manager, MIKE Zero Result Viewer, MIKE Zero Plot composer.

Calculate industry-standard pH in 3D seawater/freshwater systems in MIKE ECO Lab

Conduct industry-standard pH calculations in 1D, 2D & 3D water environments as part of your water quality modelling with MIKE ECO Lab.

We now offer a full suite of built-in MIKE ECO Lab functions to calculate pH and link it to biological processes such as primary production.


Marine Water / Coast and sea

New application: MIKE 3 Wave FM

Perform accurate wave calculations without the usual limitations using a ground-breaking new wave modelling application.

New features for the MIKE 21 FM Shoreline Morphology and Sand Transport modules

Model sediment transport processes and shoreline morphology with ease.

Multi-body simulations in MIKE 21 MA

You can now perform highly precise moored vessel response assessments for both single and multi-vessel systems with MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis.


Urban Water / Cities


MIKE URBAN+ is succeeding MIKE URBAN as the new generation of modelling software for urban applications. It takes your urban water modelling to the next level with enhanced capabilities in a high-performance user interface and faster simulation environment.

The result? Resilient and sustainable solutions for city planners, water utilities and security of your future investments in water infrastructures.

Already have MIKE URBAN?

If you are a MIKE URBAN user and hold a valid Service & Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you will get the new MIKE URBAN+ for free.

Don’t have a valid SMA? Contact us to find out how you can secure access to the next level of urban water modelling with MIKE URBAN+.

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