17 May 2021

MIKE 2021 Update 1 now ready for download

Take your modelling capabilities further

Packed with new features, tools and updates to expand your modelling capabilities, speed up workflows and produce more accurate results - this is one update you won’t want to miss! Customers with a valid Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) can take advantage of these new functions free of charge. 

Download MIKE 2021 Update 1 today. 

Here's a peak at the major updates now available in this release: 


  • Full access to the SWMM module in MIKE+ and MIKE WaterNet Advisor
  • Improved integration with ArcGIS Pro
  • New Pump Emergency Storage tool to support the documentation of emergency storage requirements
  • Enhanced ability to couple river and urban networks with 3D surface flow
  • New model for calculating a WWTP's carbon footprint in WEST


  • New 'Near-bed transport model' for modelling bed load and mixed sand and mud transport
  • New option for specifying wind and current conditions in MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA)
  • New options for simulating non-Newtonian fluids to better assess the impact of a tailing dam break


  • Improved hydro-mechanical coupling plug-in for modelling hydrodynamic processes

Check out all the latest updates and improvements

We also invite you to take part in an upcoming webinar for a deeper dive into the new features.

  • 'What’s new in MIKE21/3’ [28 June 2021] Register here
  • 'What’s new in MIKE+ and MIKE WaterNet Advisor CS/SWMM’ [29 June 2021] Register here

Ready to take your modelling capabilities further?

For questions or to reactivate an expired SMA, contact your local DHI office.