06 Oct 2016

Effective management of Haute-Vilaine dams with decision support and forecasting system provided by MIKE Powered by DHI software

The three dams in the Haute-Vilaine region are managed by two stakeholders—the Department of Ille-et-Vilaine and Veolia—and have a total capacity of 20 million m³, making it challenging for effective management. Using MIKE Powered by DHI’s MIKE HYDRO BASIN software and the modelling system of MIKE OPERATIONS, a decision support system was created to facilitate in the management of the three dams.

As a result of changes in hydrology throughout the year, the dams must balance two needs, which are to provide sufficient water reserve, for when the drinking water supply and water levels are low; and to provide flood peak mitigation, during high rainfall periods. Due to the two conflicting needs of the dams, it is difficult to find an operating system that can accommodate to the varied uses of the dams.

With the MIKE HYDRO BASIN and MIKE OPERATIONS software, we were able to model the dams’ systems to optimise operations. The MIKE OPERATIONS modelling software integrates the operations of the three Haute-Vilaine dams in terms of volume, outflow and rule curve, drinking water demands from locals as well as the biology of rivers. With all these information, a real-time forecasting system is developed.

The complete system provided using DHI’s software makes use of real-time data—observed rainfall quantity and rainfall forecasts— which allows the manager to have a decision support system to assist in the operation of the dams. With the new system, operators are able to roll out appropriate alert procedure measures to mitigate possible disaster risks.

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