17 Feb 2016

Creating a custom WEST graphical user interface for operator training

With water as their core business, the SAUR group has been working with local authorities in France to manage water supply and wastewater services for over 80 years. DHI has helped them develop a customised, dashboard-like graphical user interface (GUI) to exploit the potential of MIKE Powered by DHI’s WEST software for training operators of their wastewater treatment facilities.

The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in question is located in Nîmes, France, and consists of two parallel activated sludge lines, each comprised of a circular activated sludge tank (with anaerobic, non-aerated and aerated stages) followed by a secondary clarifier. The challenge was to create an ad-hoc operator training GUI for the WEST model of the WWTP, and at the same time hide the complexity of the underlying model while exposing the essential control and evaluation elements in a straightforward way.

The custom GUI that we created: 

  • offers a very intuitive means to interact with the complex mathematical model of the plant 
  • presents the essential operating parameters that an operator is familiar with and is likely to use in the daily operation 
  • allows for evaluating scenarios in a very intuitive way – scenarios can be saved (stored) and reloaded 

‘We are going to use this tool to explore a variety of operational scenarios in order to best combine the two co-existent aeration control systems on the plant. The tool will ultimately enable us to transfer the Ammonair logic on more of our installations.’ Fabrice Nauleau, Director of Research and Development, SAUR

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