MIKE 21 Update 1

MIKE 21 is the leading software package for 2D modelling of hydrodynamics, waves, sediment dynamics, water quality and ecology. It is professional software of high reliability, quality and versatility.

MIKE 21 is a modular product and includes simulation engines that are aimed at a very wide range of applications. These include modelling of tidal flows, storm surge, advection-dispersion, oil spills, water quality, mud transport, sand transport, harbour disturbance and wave propagation.

Apart from the simulation tools, MIKE 21 includes productivity tools to prepare input and interpretation as well as presentation of results.

MIKE 21 has a menu-driven user interface. The installation also includes manuals, including step-by-step manuals and examples.

Please note:
This download includes updates for MIKE 21, MIKE 3, MIKE C-MAP, LITPACK, MIKE Animator Plus, MIKE SHE, MIKE HYDRO Basin, MIKE HYDRO River, MIKE FLOOD and MIKE 11. No other downloads are required.

After clicking the download button, the file will download as a zip file. Please run the setup.exe, choose the downloaded product, start the installation and follow the on-screen instructions.


File nameFile size
MIKE_Zero_2021_1.zip2.11 GB

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