Hotfixes 2020

Below is a list of hotfixes available for MIKE 2020 products.

Please note

Download of hotfixes for MIKE 2020 requires you to be logged in. You may need to install service packs for the software product in question prior to applying the hotfix.

For information about a hotfix, just press the small '+' next to the title to expand a brief description. If you have questions, please contact your local DHI office or


MIKE URBAN+ 10-07-2020

This hotfix corrects four issues in MIKE URBAN+: the import from MIKE URBAN which sometimes fails due to memory limitations, the Field Calculator not working in the Valves editor, a correction of the ‘Use demand category’ option for Demand allocation aggregation, and the 2D overland simulation which sometimes fails to start

MIKE SHE hotfix 02-07-2020

This hotfix solves the problem that in a WQ simulation trying to save gridded output for both Ponded Drainage and MIKE ECO Lab makes the simulation terminate with an error message

MIKE URBAN+ hotfix 25-06-2020

This hotfix corrects errors in file filters when selecting Time series files (*.dfs0). File filter was wrong and no file would be shown. The error occurs in German, Czech, Korean, Polish and Spanish

MIKE URBAN+ hotfix 22-06-2020

This hotfix corrects a display issue, with some windows and tools looking empty with specific Operating System versions

MIKE URBAN hotfix 19-06-2020

This hotfix allows outlets to be pressurized pipe tail nodes in the Mike1D engine

MIKE URBAN+ hotfix 19-06-2020

This hotfix allows outlets to be pressurized pipe tail nodes in the Mike1D engine

Hotfixes for MIKE 2020 (no service pack required)

MIKE URBAN+ hotfix 10-04-2020

This hotfix corrects an error in the Water Distribution module, where statistics for Water Demand provided wrong values.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 03-04-2020

This hotfix for MIKE HYDRO Basin corrects errors in the application of a storage demand rule for series reservoir operation when the downstream reservoir is connected to an irrigation node. In addition, the hotfix extends yield calculations so that these continue after the last day of irrigation (when irrigation ceases before the harvest date). Finally, the hotfix extends soil moisture balance calculations so that these continue during fallow periods.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 02-04-2020

This hotfix corrects a problem in the MIKE FLOOD editor, making it close down abruptly when coupling to a river model containing closed cross sections.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 16-03-2020

This hotfix solves a problem with performing statistics analysis in MIKE View.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 10-03-2020

This hotfix solves an issue where computing initial flow exchange conditions at time step 0 failed with NaN values at coupling elements.

MIKE URBAN+ hotfix 27-02-2020

This hotfix solves a problem in MIKE URBAN+, where the license is issued as a Professional license with local use.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 25-02-2020

This hotfix corrects errors in the exchange of water when coupling MIKE SHE and MIKE HYDRO River.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 19-02-2020

This hotfix solves a previous problem with MU rumbling the vertices order to the output *.inp file when running SWMM simulations.

WEST hotfix 15-02-2020

This hotfix enables an essential flag for executing projects built on the new Modelica library.

MIKE URBAN+ hotfix 14-02-2020

This hotfix improves the import of scenarios from MIKE URBAN classic models, by importing more data from the scenarios and by correcting some issues during the import. It also corrects issues in the Water Distribution module, related to Demand allocations.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 31-01-2020

This MIKE HYDRO hotfix addresses a performance issue when data assimilation module is activated, occurring in cases where many observations are present.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 31-01-2020

This hotfix corrects error in the handling of MOUSE and MIKE 1-D result files when viewing in MIKE View.

MIKE Zero hotfix 21-01-2020
This hotfix solves a problem in the MIKE Zero “Preprocessing Temporal Data” tool where the tool in some cases either hangs or is crashing.
MIKE SHE hotfix 17-01-2020
This hotfix resolves a crash of MIKE Zero that occurs when trying to view a vegetation setup based on dfs0 files in MIKE SHE.
MIKE URBAN hotfix 16-01-2020
This hotfix corrects errors in the display of profile plots when viewing RES1D and MOUSE PRF results.
MIKE URBAN hotfix 02-12-2019
This hotfix corrects two issues in MIKE URBAN when running the MIKE 1D engine. When a lot of link regulation or pump wet well set points are specified in the setup, an error mentioning “MaxStringContentLength for XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas“ has been resolved. When MIKE URBAN classic RTC were failing when controlling a pump start/stop level with absolute or relative time or a dfs0 file has been resolved.