Hotfixes 2020

Below is a list of hotfixes available for MIKE 2020 products.

Please note

Download of hotfixes for MIKE 2020 requires you to be logged in. You may need to install service packs for the software product in question prior to applying the hotfix.

For information about a hotfix, just press the small '+' next to the title to expand a brief description. If you have questions, please contact your local DHI office or

Hotfixes for MIKE 2020 (no service pack required)

MIKE Zero hotfix 21-01-2020
This hotfix solves a problem in the MIKE Zero “Preprocessing Temporal Data” tool where the tool in some cases either hangs or is crashing.
MIKE SHE hotfix 17-01-2020
This hotfix resolves a crash of MIKE Zero that occurs when trying to view a vegetation setup based on dfs0 files in MIKE SHE.
MIKE URBAN hotfix 16-01-2020
This hotfix corrects errors in the display of profile plots when viewing RES1D and MOUSE PRF results.
MIKE URBAN hotfix 02-12-2019
This hotfix corrects two issues in MIKE URBAN when running the MIKE 1D engine. When a lot of link regulation or pump wet well set points are specified in the setup, an error mentioning “MaxStringContentLength for XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas“ has been resolved. When MIKE URBAN classic RTC were failing when controlling a pump start/stop level with absolute or relative time or a dfs0 file has been resolved.