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MIKE software is developed by water professionals for water professionals to help tackle any water challenge.
Whether you work with urban or offshore infrastructure, coastal developments, mining operations or natural resources, MIKE Powered by DHI can give you confidence in your decision-making.

Just like water, our MIKE software suite never stands still. Get to know us and dive into our world of water products, services and expertise.

MIKE 2023 just got even better!

Explore the latest updates and improvements in MIKE+, FEFLOW, and MIKE OPERATIONS.


Superior water modelling tools – transforming science into practice and giving you a competitive advantage.

Integrative and innovative solution platforms

Reimagine the way you model water and solve system issues with our multifaceted, comprehensive water modelling platforms.

Next generation water modelling in cities

Considering city population projections, it’s crucial to efficiently manage water. For cities to be competitive and resilient, sound infrastructure investments and planning are essential. Our MIKE tools use industry expertise to create efficient, accurate and resilient urban water solutions. Our applications model water distribution networks, stormwater drainage systems, urban flooding and separate or combined sewer collection systems.

Modelling inland water dynamics and water resources availability

Issues like rapid population growth, overexploitation of resources, drought, climate change and flooding make water resource management a challenge. But with comprehensive simulation tools, like the MIKE suite, you can make the most cost-effective, scientifically sound solutions for any inland water environment around the world.

Groundwater and porous media modelling

Groundwater accounts for one-third of the world’s freshwater resources. Managing its quality and quantity is crucial for the world to drink, eat, and use energy. Groundwater poses significant risks due to excess pressures in dams and reservoirs, as well as leaks in mines and urban drainage systems. Use FEFLOW to simulate 2D or 3D flows and related transport processes in subsurface and porous media. Whether you have issues with groundwater flow, groundwater age, contaminants or heat transport processes, you’ll have the numerical modelling solution with FEFLOW.

Data transformation made easy

Effective planning and operational decision-making are dependent on transforming good data into useful information. MIKE OPERATIONS empowers users to build flexible data management systems, real-time forecasting and operational control capabilities. Get quick, safe setups of real-time systems that help manage water modelling complexities.

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