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25 Aug 2016

Hospital wastewater – From a pollution problem to new water resources

Hospital wastewater contains hazardous pharmaceuticals and can cause serious infectious diseases. Hence, it is paramount that hospital wastewater be treated before being released to sewers and the aquatic environment. DHI has, together with Grundfos BioBooster A/S, tested, developed and evaluated a new type of method to treat the wastewater. With the full scale treatment, it is now possible to efficiently clean wastewater such that the treated water produced can be used for recreational purposes in the local stream and be re-used as cooling water in the hospital.

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29-30 Aug
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31 Aug-1 Sep
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2 Sep
1 day
MIKE URBAN WATER DISTRIBUTION (WATER HAMMER) Water hammer modelling (in water distribution systems) Russia
5-6 Sep
2 days
MIKE URBAN Introduction to the modelling of collection systems Australia
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