Our MIKE Powered by DHI technologies have made knowledge of water environments accessible to water professionals around the globe for more than 25 years. The MIKE product family encapsulates more knowledge and covers a wider range of water modelling needs than any similar products.

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Training courses & webinars

27-28 Feb
2 days
MIKE URBAN COLLECTION SYSTEMS Introduction to the modelling of collection systems (CS) Australia
27 Feb-3 Mar
5 days
FEFLOW Introduction and advanced topics Germany
28 Feb
1 day
MIKE OPERATIONS Real-time overview of data for operational and analytical use. Learn how you can integrate observed and forecast data with numerical models with the use of DHI MIKE OPERATIONS Software 16.00 UTC Online
28 Feb-1 Mar
2 days
MIKE HYDRO RIVER Introduction to river and channel modelling Hungary
1 Mar
1 day
INTRODUCTION TO MOORING ANALYSIS WITH MIKE 21 MA MIKE 21 MA helps designing ports and increasing its efficiency. The Webinar will give an introduction to the feature set of MIKE 21 MA and show application examples of this sophisticated and at the same time easy to use tool. 15.30 UTC Online
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