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Investigate water quality concerns and their potential ecological impact with
this open, flexible and science-based numerical laboratory designed to uncover immediate answers or support hypothesis testing.


Assess any water quality concern

No ecological problem is too complex or too simple for MIKE ECO Lab. You can visualise the fate of bacteria discharged into the environment or use the software to understand the impact of changing nutrients on dissolved oxygen concentrations. See how a sediment plume from dredging operations affects benthic flora and fauna.

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This operational system reveals bacteria being discharged from Combined Sewer Overflow’s (CSOs) into Copenhagen Harbor after heavy rain.

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Here’s a simulation of the sudden spill of nitrogen-heavy substances after a fertilizer factory exploded into inner Danish straights

Analyse all types of water environments

Perform water quality and ecological studies for coastal waters, rivers, lakes, wetlands, reservoirs, estuaries, groundwater and the sea. Describe state variables that can be found in the whole water column or isolate those just bound to the seabed, water surface or sediment.

Make more accurate predictions with built-in templates

To transform any aquatic ecosystem into a reliable, numerical model, simply define the process using standard templates for Eutrophication, Water Quality and Heavy Metal as a basis. The MIKE ECO Lab template is independent of the discretization into a computational grid so it can be shared with other MIKE ECO Lab supported models.

The eutrophication templates include a large number of derived variables such as total nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations

Plug in a well known description to get answers or use as a numerical laboratory to conduct hypothesis testing

Customise the model templates to suit the needs of your project

With MIKE ECO Lab you have it all – access to DHI’s water quality models and the freedom to include your own know-how or research ideas and test them against field data. The flexible nature of MIKE ECO Lab enables you to create new model concepts containing the necessary causal relations to describe the specific pheneomena in question.

Couple hydrodynamics and mud transport with MIKE ECO Lab

Investigate complex ecological feedback loops with MIKE ECO Lab’s new and innovative hydrodynamics and mud transport coupling capabilities. MIKE ECO Lab now enables you to predict seagrass growth and death in areas subject to increased siltation and to determine the effectiveness of nature-based solutions.
Rely on MIKE ECO Lab to investigate nature-based solutions

Whatever business you are in, MIKE ECO Lab can help


Understand the impact of changing nutrient outlets on dissolved oxygen concentrations in the water to safeguard your livelihood.

Water Utilities

Visualise the fate of bacteria and pollutants from combined sewer overflows to help ensure they don’t reach unacceptable levels.


Realise the potential impact of your sediment plume on flora and fauna caused by dredging operations to avoid litigation concerns.


Assess hydrogen sulphide generation in your underground assets. Model the effects of green infrastructure within urban areas.

Recreational Water

Take advantage of MIKE ECO Lab’s predictive power to ensure bacteria and harmful algae isn’t a concern for beaches, harbors and lakes

Watershed Health

Benefit from 1D-2D coupled water quality modelling to better manage the health of a complex watershed system

Agricultural Planning

Investigate the effects of reducing / increasing the nutrient runoff from fertilizer into your water to advise authorities of the consequences

Oil & Gas

Couple MIKE ECO Lab with our Oil Spill module to predict the spreading and weathering of spilled oil as part of your EIA.

No in-house modellers?

DHI’s hydro-ecological modelling experts can help define your ecological modelling problem in MIKE ECO Lab.

See MIKE ECO Lab in action

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Featured software subscription package

Environmental Engineering

Access a curated selection of MIKE Powered by DHI software and tools designed specifically for environmental and noise impact assessments including MIKE ECO Lab, MIKE 3 Mud Transport (MT) and more!

Additional capabilities & unique features

With the MIKE ECO Lab graphical user interface, you can easily make new templates by dragging and dropping components. You can then export model components to establish a versatile library of building blocks for crafting additional templates. Enhance your capabilities by incorporating the new 3-way coupling feature, which allows for the modelling of complex feedback loops involving hydrodynamics and heat transport. Experience improved usability with the upgraded MIKE ECO Lab plug-in interface, and take advantage of expanded Oil Spill templates now available on Linux.

With the release of MIKE 2023, MIKE ECO Lab has been equipped with MPI parallelisation for enhanced performance when calculating ‘distance to shore’ and ‘direction to shore’.

Execute MIKE ECO Lab calculations in both traditional ‘wet’ elements as well as dry elements for fixed (not transported) state variables. Describe the flood and dry state of an element as a new built-in forcing.

Save computational time by ‘replacing’ unused equations with a constant value before the simulation run.

Create new particles from normal, standard MIKE ECO Lab expressions instead of relying on other particles to dynamically create or spawn new particles.

Ensure each particle produces the same, individual sequence of random numbers using the new pseudo-random number generator (PRNG). Reproduce particle movement, source locations and behavior, independent of the number of parallel cores/domains, on different hardware.>

MIKE Zero, DHI’s fully Windows integrated graphical user interface, is now better than ever! Enjoy easy access to new MIKE Cloud applications and Cloud-enhanced functionality, plus an extended set of MIKE tools within theme-based (rather than product-based) interactive workflows. Ensure important model components such as sources and structures stay at the forefront with a new interactive, customisable floating mapping window. Lastly, the updated tabbing functionality will help you work in a more organised and efficient manner.

You can now access MIKE ECO Lab on Azure Marketplace, where you can start modelling in the cloud with no hardware limitation in four simple steps. Learn more

Test different scientific ecosystem theories/ hypotheses to understand and map the causal relations in a specific ecosystem. Assess the current environmental situation when used as a surveillance tool.

Describe the fate and transport of Feacal Indicator Bacteria (FIB) – E. coli and enterococci and forecast bathing water quality.

Manage disease risks from flooding events. Calculate flood risk indices or scour risk formulas.

By coupling the add-on module, ABM Lab, you can truly unlock the power of MIKE ECO Lab, and start building agent-based (Lagrangian) models of e.g. fish or coral larvae transport.

Describe adsorption/desorption of metals to suspended matter. Describe the sedimentation of sorbed metals to the seabed as well as resuspension of settled metals.

Describe concentrations of phytoplankton, chlorophyll-a, zooplankton, organic matter (detritus), organic and inorganic nutrients, oxygen and area-based biomass of benthic vegetation over time. Describe degradation of organic matter, resulting oxygen conditions and excess levels of nutrients in water bodies.

Incorporate an understanding of coastal flooding’s impact on aquatic ecosystems and agricultural productivity into the planning process

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