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Dear FEFLOW User,

There’s no slack season for FEFLOW - even in (European) summer holiday time we have some interesting FEFLOW modeling news to pass on to you:


·         The FEFLOW newsletters will contain a Tips & Tricks section as a regular feature from now on. We start with a description of a workflow for Selective 3D Visualization that you may not have hit on.


·         The dates for the 3rd International FEFLOW User Conference (FEFLOW 2012) have been fixed: Please mark September 3 through September 7 2012 in your calendar now!


·         There’s good news for all of who are into extended uncertainty analysis and inverse modeling: We are preparing a license model for Bulk Short-Term License Rental, and even before we finally publish it you may take advantage of the new conditions – just ask for a tailored quote!


·         If you are a frequent user of the FEFLOW online resources, you may already have seen that the FEFLOW website has been updated with a new design and new contents. It’s up to all of you to help further improving the information available on the site – tell us about your FEFLOW-related publications and case studies! In the FEFLOW channel on YouTube, you can now find cutting-edge stereoscopic 3D FEFLOW animations that you can watch with 3D monitors or TVs or even colored glasses. In case you have published FEFLOW-related YouTube content, we will happily add your videos to our playlist.


·         The FEFLOW distribution network is being restructured, and with this process Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) have terminated their services as a FEFLOW distribution partner.


·         Our colleagues Dr. Volker Clausnitzer (FEFLOW Development), Julia Mayer (FEFLOW Services) and Douglas Graham (Water Resources Software, DHI Denmark) have attended the MODFLOW and More conference in Golden/Colorado. Read their report below!


At the end of the newsletter, we have listed upcoming training courses and the latest FEFLOW patches as usual.


Your FEFLOW Services team

Julia Mayer, Peter Schätzl, Bastian Rau, Alexander Renz



3rd  International FEFLOW User Conference (FEFLOW 2012)

We’ve heard the question numerous times, and indeed with recently increasing frequency:

When will the next FEFLOW conference take place?

We now have an answer: Settling on a three-year interval, the 3rd International FEFLOW User Conference (FEFLOW 2012) will be held

from September 3rd through September 7th 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

Staying true to our tried-and-proven format, three days of plenary and poster sessions will be followed by two days of training courses.

While many of you had appreciatively remarked on the relaxed atmosphere and green surroundings of the conference hotel in Potsdam in 2009, others had suggested using a more central location for the next meeting. Having selected a venue in the quarter of Köpenick, we are hoping to accommodate both preferences in 2012! Much older than Berlin itself and located between the arms of the rivers Dahme and Spree, Köpenick has kept its small-town touch while at the same time the bustling Berlin city center is within easy reach via public transport.

All essential details about the conference, including important deadlines, will be published shortly on the dedicated FEFLOW-conference web site (http://www.feflow.info/feflow2012).



Bulk Short-Term License Rental

You need a large number of FEFLOW licenses for a short time period, e.g., for Parallel PEST runs or sensitivity or scenario analyses?

Given the cheap parallel computing power available nowadays, and the flexible software supporting it, there have never been better times to explore the real power of your groundwater models by ruling out uncertainty and by identifying parameters via inverse modeling.

We are currently preparing a specific license model for this purpose. While we are in the process of finalizing the details, please contact our sales team (sales@dhi-wasy.de) or your local DHI office (http://www.dhigroup.com/Contact/DHIOffices.aspx) for a tailored quote!



Literature References and Case Studies

One of the most frequented pages on the FEFLOW website is the list of literature references for FEFLOW-based work. As we are sure that the list is far from being complete, we’d like to encourage all of you to inform the FEFLOW Services team (support@dhi-wasy.de) about your own publications or publications you come across! We all will benefit from a further extension of the list and database by finding literature references as well as helpful background on FEFLOW modeling more easily.

We are also keen to publish selected case studies of FEFLOW applications, especially of large and complex models or novel modeling approaches on our website and/or in FEFLOW marketing material. If you are interested in presenting your / your companies work, please contact our Services team (support@dhi-wasy.de) for obtaining a template and example document.



New Website Design

Most of you may already have noticed the new look and feel of the FEFLOW website on www.feflow.info. After implementing the corporate design of the DHI Group the FEFLOW site now fits in the website family with their members www.dhigroup.com and www.mikebydhi.com very well.

With the update, we also changed the contents of the site slightly – so make sure to check out all the new information!

As always, we would be happy to receive your feedback and suggestions – just email to support@dhi-wasy.de!


Stereoscopic 3D FEFLOW Animations on YouTube

Once again FEFLOW sets a milestone in visualization for groundwater modeling: The FEFLOW channel on YouTube – www.youtube.com/feflowbydhi - now contains the first stereoscopic 3D videos. Watch the simulation animations in real 3D, using simple colored glasses or a 3D TV or monitor (active or passive 3D).

Stereoscopic 3D visualization and video export options will be publicly available in the next version FEFLOW 6.1.



Change in Distribution Network - SWS no longer FEFLOW distributor

Due to an overall restructuring of the distribution partner network for FEFLOW, Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) have terminated their services as a distribution partner for FEFLOW at the end of June 2011. Distribution services for FEFLOW have been taken over by the local DHI offices (e.g., DHI Canada for Canada). For countries without a local DHI office or DHI software reseller DHI-WASY in Germany acts as the primary distribution partner.

We would like to thank all former Waterloo Hydrogeologic and later SWS employees for their extremely helpful efforts to market and distribute FEFLOW all around the globe for the last 15 years. Without these efforts, FEFLOW would not have the status as a quasi-standard software for high-level groundwater modeling that it has today.



FEFLOW at MODFLOW and More 2011

The DHI Groundwater Modeling Center recently presented the latest FEFLOW developments at the traditional MODFLOW and More groundwater conference in Golden (Colorado, USA). The globally increasing interest in geothermal installations was clearly seen in the positive feedback on our oral presentation of coupling FEFLOW and TRNSYS for the simulation of seasonal underground heat storage and recovery. In a poster contribution, we provocatively posed the question whether the use of advanced visualization techniques indeed leads to better groundwater models, or merely provides more effective marketing tools for presenting models and results to clients and the public. A lively debate was generated in which we strongly argued for making full and proper use of today’s graphics technology in groundwater modeling. Fittingly, the possibility to live-test the interactive stereoscopic features of the next FEFLOW version proved a true crowd puller at the DHI exhibition booth.


Beschreibung: E:\tmp\modflowandmore2011.JPG

Tips & Tricks – Selective 3D Visualization


Step 1: Create an elemental selection of the domain of interest.

Step 2: Store the created elemental selection and rename it if desired.

Step 3: The stored elemental selection can be used as spatial unit. By activating the elemental selection in the Spatial Units panel (single click) and double-clicking any parameter, it is possible to plot the selected parameter onto the selected elements only.


An alternative is to plot the geometry (faces and edges) of the stored element selection only, without plotting any additional parameter: Simply double click on the stored selection in the Spatial Units panel.

View as an animation

You have worked out your own particular way of achieving something otherwise impossible in FEFLOW? Email us!


Trainings & Conferences

A list of all planned FEFLOW training courses given by DHI-WASY as well as registration information can be found on http://feflow.info/training.html.

Upcoming training courses include:






Pre-Conference Workshop


RWTH Aachen University

4 September 2011

Aachen, Germany

Pre-Conference Workshop


UFZ Leipzig

16/17 September 2011

Leipzig, Germany

FEFLOW Modelling Workshop


National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training

19-23 September 2011


Adelaide, Australia

FEFLOW Basic Training



10-14 October 2011

Berlin, Germany

FEFLOW Basic Training



24-28 October 2011

Berlin, Germany

FEFLOW Basic Training



14-18 November 2011

Denver, USA

FEFLOW Basic Training



21-25 November 2011

Berlin, Germany


Some of the upcoming conferences with participation of DHI-WASY are:




11th IMWA Congress

5-9 September 2011

Aachen, Germany

Clean Up Conference 2011

12-15 September 2011

Adelaide, Australia

Modelcare 2011

18-22 September 2011

Leipzig, Germany


Latest Patches

The latest patch for FEFLOW 6.0 is FEFLOW 6.007 that can be downloaded from http://feflow.info/download.html.


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