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Dear FEFLOW User,

We are pleased to announce the official release of FEFLOW 6.0. From today, the new version is available from the FEFLOW website (www.feflow.info) and on DVD. The new license codes are sent to all clients entitled to free update via email. The update packages with the new user manual and DVD will be sent within the following weeks.

Special offers are available for new licenses and updates until the end of June.

At the same time, the link to surface water modeling – IfmMIKE11 – has been brought up to version 2.0, now also supporting mass transport, forelands, and polders.

Detailed information about these topics as well as past and upcoming events can be found in the following.

At the end of this newsletter, we have listed upcoming training courses as usual.


Your FEFLOW Team




FEFLOW 6 officially released

DHI-WASY is proud to officially release FEFLOW 6—a complete redesign of the trusted FEFLOW groundwater software. The release follows an intensive public beta-testing phase that began immediately after the first public presentation of the new user interface at the DHI-WASY FEFLOW conference last September and involved more than 200 committed testers.

Looking at its 30-year history, it is probably fair to say that FEFLOW pioneered the fully integrated graphical user interface for subsurface modeling software. Over the years, its computation capabilities have evolved to allow successful application to an increasing variety of problems. This is true in terms of physical processes as well as concerning the spatial and temporal scales, now spanning a range from millimeters to several hundred kilometers, and from fractions of a second to thousands of years, respectively.

Today, the design of FEFLOW 6 strictly separates the numerical code (simulation kernel) from accompanying client code such as the graphical user interface.  The FEFLOW kernel interfaces are designed for speed and effectiveness to handle very large models comfortably and with excellent performance.  The encapsulation of the data transfer between clients and kernel is a key prerequisite so that in a future version client applications and the FEFLOW kernel may run on different computers.  The raw simulator functionality of the new FEFLOW kernel not only allows specialized client applications for customers with limited user interaction, but also greatly benefits the integration of FEFLOW into combined and complex modeling packages. Public interfaces such as OpenMI can be easily implemented to complement the optimized internal FEFLOW interfaces.

Utilizing the Qt toolkit and OpenGL graphics technology, the FEFLOW 6 user interface represents a break with the FEFLOW appearance that had become familiar to many users over the years. To ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency, the new design keeps all functionality accessible whenever possible—the user interface remains interactive even during simulation. Multiple automatically updating and interactive views are available for mesh design, model editing, and simulation monitoring. As is predecessor versions, FEFLOW 6 provides extensive GIS support, now integrated with powerful visualization capabilities including custom 2D and 3D animations.




Special Offer for FEFLOW 6 and Hydro GeoBuilder in May and June

Order your FEFLOW 6 license now and receive a discount of 20 % on all FEFLOW licenses! All users holding a FEFLOW license with an expired Service and Maintenance (SMA) contract also qualify for a 20 % discount on the SMA renewal.

There’s more: the discount also applies to the brand-new Schlumberger Water Services software Hydro GeoBuilder, when purchased in combination with FEFLOW 6, as well as for those who already own a FEFLOW 6 license. Hydro GeoBuilder provides a flexible and streamlined approach to developing conceptual models for FEFLOW and MODFLOW.

For further details, please refer to our Hydro GeoBuilder website.

This offer is valid for all orders placed until June 30, 2010. For further information, please visit our website http://www.feflow.info or directly contact our sales team at sales@dhi-wasy.de.



Note for FEFLOW 6 Beta Users

As FEFLOW 6 has officially been released, we have terminated the beta testing phase. Therefore, the download page of the FEFLOW 6 beta test is now inactive. Please also note that the FEFLOW beta or Release Candidate versions will expire soon.

Also, the Beta board in the FEFLOW Web Forum is now inactive. Instead, we have installed a FEFLOW 6 Feedback board and we would be happy to receive your feedback on the new version there: http://www.feflow.info/forum.



IfmMIKE11 version 2.0 now available

A new version of the coupling interface between FEFLOW and MIKE11 is now available for download (www.feflow.info/miscellaneos.html).

Since 2005 the previous version of the coupling interface IfmMIKE11 has been available. Its functionality covers the exchange of boundary condition data during runtime and the synchronization of both temporal and spatial discretization. The system has been applied to both simple benchmark cases and complex field conditions. In 2006, the module was successfully extended for the coupling of polder areas and forelands (http://www.dhigroup.com/News/2007/10/09/FloodModellingOfTheLowerHavelArea.aspx). This option is also available in the present version of the module. Furthermore, this version includes a better representation of the exchange area between rivers and groundwater body and supports the coupling of mass transport processes.

In the following list the most important new features of IfmMIKE11 version 2.0 are included:

·  The coupling of polder areas as well as floodplains is fully supported. Using this option, it is also possible to represent the interaction between lakes and groundwater in a more convenient manner.

·  Constraints are automatically set within areas representing polders or floodplains.

·  Constraints can be set automatically for regular branches.

·  The exchange area between rivers and groundwater is now defined by the cross sections of MIKE11, not by the FEFLOW mesh. This gives a much more realistic representation of the exchange processes.

·  Mass transport coupling is fully supported.

IfmMIKE11 2.0 also supports the use of FEFLOW 6. Mass transport coupling is only available starting from MIKE11 2009, SP4. For this, however, a MIKE11 HotFix has to be installed, which will be available on the DHI website within the next few days.






Summer School in Berlin, October 11—15, 2010

It’s becoming a tradition: The week-long summer-school program Modelling of Mass and Energy Transport in Porous Media With Practical Applications is again offered this year. The summer school is a collaborative effort between DHI-WASY, Freie Universität Berlin and Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam.  At a very affordable price, it offers a combination of lectures, introductory FEFLOW exercises, and FEFLOW application in project work.

All details are provided at http://emm.mi.fu-berlin.de/SOMMER/ .



Past Conferences

At the Gulf Water Conference in Muscat/Oman in April, the major topics discussed with us were groundwater – surface water interaction with a focus on flash floods and artificial infiltration, and the exploitation of groundwater resources in arid regions.


In February, DHI-WASY for the first time participated in the GeoTHERM expo and congress in Offenburg in south-west Germany. As expected, the main interest of the participants meeting us at our exhibition booth was on applications of FEFLOW for the simulation of low-temperature geothermal systems. FEFLOW’s features for efficient borehole heat exchanger modeling and the newly developed link to TRNSYS for integrated underground and technical installation simulation were well received. Prior to the congress, a 3 day geothermal modeling training course at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg was given.


The World Geothermal Congress in Bali/Indonesia in April attracted more than 2,300 participants from all over the world, and the session topics reflected all aspects of geothermal energy usage. In contrast to the GeoTHERM, the major focus here was on deep geothermal systems and the production of electrical energy. At our booth, we have met many FEFLOW users with whom we discussed their applications. Other conference participants used the opportunity to get more detailed information about FEFLOW. We were especially happy to see that FEFLOW has become one of the standard tools applied for combined flow and heat transport simulation in geothermal development projects all over the world. Yet is was also clearly visible at the conference that there is still room for much broader application of numerical simulation in such projects in order to obtain a better system understanding and to reduce risks.





Free FEFLOW 6 Online Seminars

To get a first idea of the new interface and to facilitate the first steps, DHI-WASY offers free online seminars in English and German. The first few seminars have already taken place very successfully.

Please check our web site for the next seminar dates and make sure to register early: http://www.feflow.info/onlineseminars.html.



Trainings & Conferences

A list of all planned FEFLOW training courses given by DHI-WASY as well as registration information can be found on http://feflow.info/training.html.

Courses in other locations may be organized on short term, and on-site courses can be given on demand.

Upcoming training courses include:








DHI Japan

May 10-11, 2010

Tokyo, Japan

FEFLOW 6.0 for 5.4 users



May 18-19, 2010

Berlin, Germany

FEFLOW Basic Training



June 14-18, 2010

Berlin, Germany

FEFLOW Basic Training



Sept 13-17, 2010

Berlin, Germany

FEFLOW Basic Training



Oct 25-29, 2010

Berlin, Germany


Some of the upcoming conferences with participation of DHI-WASY are:




Tagung der FH-DGG

12-16 May 2010

Tübingen, Germany

MIKE by DHI 2010 Conference

Sept 6-8, 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark

IAH Congress 2010

Sept 12-17, 2010

Krakow, Poland

geoENERGIA, Die Geothermiemesse

Nov 17-18, 2010

Karlsruhe, Germany


International MIKE by DHI Conference 2010

All our users are invited to participate in the International MIKE by DHI Conference 2010. The conference will bring together the entire global MIKE user community and all interested modellers in order to discuss past experiences and future challenges of modelling in a changing world.  

Use this excellent opportunity to meet and discuss with DHI modellers and researchers and find out about latest software news and trends within development and R&D.

For further conference details, please visit http://www.mikebydhi.com/Events/MIKEByDHI2010.

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